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Upcoming Webinar: I have Jenkins, why do I need Spinnaker?

  Join Us March 26 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET Just because you’ve decided to use Spinnaker for CD doesn’t mean you have to throw away all of your existing DevOps tooling built around Jenkins. Spinnaker treats Jenkins as a 1st class citizen and has native integrations to improve your software delivery […]

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Take off for the Clouds with Spinnaker in Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

One of the great things about Spinnaker is the ability to run its microservice architecture in Kubernetes. You set up your cloud provider, deploy some pods and you are up and running! At Armory we’ve been doing AWS and GCP installs for some time. And our friends at Microsoft continue to grow their cloud presence, […]

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First Spinnaker Community Gardening Days, April 9-10 @ Salesforce

Ahoy again! I’m thrilled to announce something very close to my heart – an opportunity for the open-source Spinnaker community to come together and synchronously move the project forward. Mark your calendar now: April 9-10, 2020 Visit the meetup event page, RSVP, and share! Organized by Armory’s Community team and hosted by Salesforce at its […]

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Accelerating Software Delivery with Value Stream Mapping (VSM)

Accelerating Software Delivery with Value Stream Mapping (VSM) What is VSM and how does it accelerate software delivery? Value stream mapping enables organizations to: Visualize and understand software development, testing and delivery workflows Surface inefficiencies Identify ways to reach an accelerated and high-performing future state Armory helps organizations automate a golden path to production by […]

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Announcing Value Stream Mapping (VSM) Discovery Workshops with Armory

Armory helps organizations automate a golden path to production by extending open-source Spinnaker with proprietary features and enterprise support. We are excited to announce a new opportunity: Value Stream Mapping (VSM) discovery sessions with customers and prospects. These discovery sessions will help design optimal CI/CD pipelines. This ensures that we are codifying and orchestrating the […]

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Understand Spinnaker’s Growth

Ahoy! We’re thrilled to announce that has published the first report about the status of the Spinnaker project. Visit the Captain’s Log: The State of Spinnaker and see a visualization of project activity, contributions, and participating companies. This consumable report aims to provide an opportunity to easily understand Spinnaker’s growth. The data comes from […]

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Armory & VMware Partner to Bring Spinnaker to Pivotal Cloud

VMware is partnering with Armory, the Spinnaker experts, to help Pivotal Cloud Foundry customers maximize the value of Spinnaker across the enterprise, and to enable the easy adoption of VMware hybrid-cloud solutions. Why are Armory and VMware Partnering? Spinnaker gives developers the power to deploy software, instantly and to any cloud or on-prem environment, with […]

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Removing Anxiety from Your Software Delivery Process with Armory Spinnaker

"What does your CI/CD process look like?" This is the question that Armory CTO Isaac Mosquera asks at every client meeting. It's rare to find organizations that have a holistic view of their entire software delivery pipeline. The more common scenario has several teams own portions of the pipeline, and responsibility is distributed across the organization. With so many approvals, stakeholders and steps involved its little wonder that organizations look at software delivery with anxiety. Isaac recently gave a talk at DeliveryConf 2020 in Seattle, Washington where he goes into Armory's process for identifying and improving pain paints in your software delivery process. Take a peek inside for the full video.

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Future of SRE: Robert Keng Builds a DeploymentBot #withSpinnaker

Note: See original post here on the Spinnaker Community blog. Coming soon from Chime to OSS, a software delivery chatbot which uses Slack to deploy apps via Spinnaker Last month I had the pleasure of chatting with Robert Keng, a Lead SRE at Chime, about a Slack-integrated ChatBot he recently built to facilitate lightweight, direct […]

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Otter: How to Make It Less Awkward to Whip Out Your Phone to Record the Convo

I just talked to Sam & Simon from Otter about how to make it less awkward to whip out your phone to record the convo. They had a great tip, below. If you have no idea what Otter is, learn about it here. If you’re ready to start using Otter, grab it here:

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