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AWS Container Day ft. Kubernetes Partner Panel Reaction Blog I had the pleasure of representing Armory along with other tech leaders from Rafay, Sedai, and Nirmata for the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Container Day partner panel (ft. Kubernetes) on April 18, 2023 at 12:30 pm CEST. This digital event ran concurrently with KubeConEU   We discussed […]
Before DevOps appeared around 2009, developers created software applications with little interaction across departments. When completed, they turned the software over to operations for delivery and support. Without a DevOps engineer, the software often lacked critical features or functionality that operations needed. This process created an “us-vs-them” work environment. Operations did not feel that development […]
Every developer has a story about the release that went wrong. How they deployed software at a customer location only to have it fail. How they had to roll back to a previous version and explain what went wrong to customers and managers.  Imagine what would happen if there was no definitive version to roll […]
Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) is a critical methodology for software testing and bridges the gap between developers, testers, and operations. CI/CD embodies agile methodologies and revolves around building and testing products quickly so that products will fail quickly. Automation testing is a CI/CD cornerstone because it speeds up the CI/CD testing process.  The Importance of […]
Just kidding. While is not actually a DevOps Dating app, it is a real website. Visit for the latest thoughts on Continuous Deployment – and to get some Swag! The first 100 people to sign up for a demo get a free Not Afraid to Commit shirt! At Armory, we know that dating can be […]
Working in the world of platform engineering and practicing DevOps often means having to juggle multiple competing priorities. One of the biggest questions you might face is: how do you deploy new code changes? There are two main methods to reduce risk while maintaining agility – canary deployments and blue/green deployments. So, which one is […]
Software delivery automation tools can accelerate and improve the deployment process. DevOps engineers know that quickly delivering high-quality software to customers is critical to maintaining their company’s competitive advantage. Yet, enterprises often need help with implementing modern software delivery practices.   The market offers many software delivery automation products, each with different features. Choosing the […]
Spring has sprung and the Armory crew is feeling the good vibes. Across our continuous deployment solutions, we’re adding features and updates to make developers’ lives easier and help organizations enable better deployment practices at scale.  Here’s how you can stay in the loop on the latest releases, keep up with our various products, as […]
Learn how Armory can simplify deploying to ephemeral development environments for UI and API validation before PRs merge.
GitOps is a development methodology that treats the desired state of applications and infrastructure as code. It utilizes Git, a version control system, to enable users to manage their cloud environment in a more organized and automated way. By storing all configurations in one place – Git – teams can collaborate on changes, rollback if […]