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This article explores how continuous delivery helps organizations maintain compliance and discusses how Armory helps with features such as rollbacks and progressive deployments to tighten control over your solution infrastructure. It shows how to improve code deployments, ensure compliance, and maintain a healthy and active innovation ecosystem between your developers and operations team. Developers and […]
The development experience can be interesting and enjoyable, but it can also be daunting. From writing code to committing new features and fixes to getting them working in production, the work we put into developing a software application is brain-intensive and challenging. Software engineers face many challenges. They regularly deal with changing requirements and fresh […]
The Cloud Native Computing Foundation found an extraordinary 300 percent increase in container use between 2016 and 2020. Kubernetes’ popularity is steadily rising, with 83 percent of respondents using it for production as of mid-2020. Kubernetes’s out-of-the-box capabilities enable organizations to accelerate delivery cycles and rapidly scale their operation, contributing to its increasing adoption. However, […]
On October 4, 2021, the world came to a halt. Over 3.5 billion people were impacted, as a service outage caused one of the most popular websites in the world to vanish from the internet.  Facebook was down. Not only that, the outage crippled Meta Platform Inc’s entire family of apps, including WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, […]
Many of the world’s most common and trusted applications- for both personal or business use – are now delivered as SaaS applications, whether on mobile, desktop, or other devices. End users assume these SaaS applications – whether paid for via subscription or invoked free on demand – to be available 24/7/365. Users trust application builders […]
Almost half of all organizations now use Kubernetes (K8s) to empower continuous integration and continuous development (CI/CD) and stay competitive in a software-centric world. The challenge? Effective management becomes an issue as K8s deployments scale from tens or hundreds of clusters to thousands or more. From lacking skills to existing integration issues and legacy incompatibility, […]
What challenges are women facing when it comes to inclusion within STEM? From an early age, women across the globe are not provided as many opportunities as their male counterparts. Many of these missed opportunities have generally been based in biases and myths, including the idea that women are unfit for STEM careers for a […]
I couldn’t let “Employee Appreciation Day” go by without a heartfelt message of thanks and appreciation to the entire Armory Crew – both past and present. Saying ‘people’ are a company’s true value seems trite. However, the Armory founding team built this company bottoms up based on a value system conceived to provide a great […]
Armory’s Stephen Atwell sat down recently with Brandon Leach of Autodesk and Dave Stanke of Google for a roundtable interview. During their far-reaching discussion, they explore various ways in which company and team culture can make or break modern DevOps teams.  I listened to the conversation, and a handful of takeaways struck me as elegant […]
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