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New York City Spinnaker Meetup on Aug 2, 2018 – Hosted by Datadog & Armory: Difference Between Infrastructure and Application-First Tools

Armory co-sponsored a Spinnaker meetup with Datadog last week in NYC. The event featured speakers from Netflix, Google, Datadog, and Armory. Below are some brief descriptions of the talks and the videos.

Ethan Rogers (Sr Community Engineer @ Armory)
Ethan discusses the difference between infrastructure-first tools (like the AWS console) and application-first tools (like Spinnaker)

Travis Tomsu (Sr Software Engineer @ Google)
Travis discusses how to develop on Spinnaker using dev-proxy

Benjamin Smith (Sr Software Engineer @ Datadog)
Ben talks about how Spinnaker is used internally at Datadog

Andrew Philips (Product Manager @ Google) & Rob Zienhart (Sr Software Engineer @ Netflix)
Andrew and Rob lead a Q&A with the audience

Part I

Part II

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