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New Spinnaker Operator Updates Now available for the Spinnaker Community

Mar 15, 2023 by Anna Daugherty

Stay up-to-date with the latest Kubernetes release with Spinnaker.

The Armory crew has worked diligently the past several weeks to release a new stable version of OSS Operator (1.3.0). This is the first release in just over 18 months and is now available for the open source community. 

What Changed?

The Spinnaker Operator is the primary method for installing OSS Spinnaker. It facilitates the install, upgrade, and configuration of Spinnaker on top of Kubernetes.

The previous stable version of Operator did not allow customers to install Spinnaker on recent versions of Kubernetes, and resulted in negative customer experience with the install. 

This new version enables Spinnaker to be installed on the latest versions of Kubernetes and by extension EKS and GKE. We still support the older version if they are running older K8s.

Get Started

Want to take advantage of the latest Spinnaker Operator updates? 

Have Feedback or Questions About the Community Release?

Join the Spinnaker Slack community to provide your feedback or ask questions:

What Should Armory Customers Do Next?

If you’re an Armory Continuous Deployment Self-Hosted customer, the Armory Operator already includes these capabilities, no action is required. However, if you are on Kubernetes 1.21+, you will need to upgrade your Operator at your earliest convenience. If you are moving to Kubernetes 1.21 and above, you must upgrade to the latest version of the Spinnaker Operator or Armory Operator in order to continue using Continuous Deployment Self-Hosted. 

Thankfully we’ve made it simple, and no manual intervention is required (other than the upgrade). Users who wish to continue using earlier versions of Kubernetes should not upgrade their Operator.

Armory customers can learn how to upgrade the Armory Operator in these instructions, or contact your Customer Support Manager for help.

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