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Massive Tribal Handbook Update!

Massive Tribal Handbook Update!

I just interviewed Tissa and Ruby to get details on this massive update of Armory’s Tribal Handbook, including:

  • More detail on what Spinnaker is, why the world needs it, and how Armory’s proprietary distribution extends the OSS version
  • More detail on Armory’s culture, including why we are investing so heavily in it, and how it relates to (and helps power) the open source community Flywheel, as well as the digital transformation we’re bringing to Global 2,000 enterprises

Here’s the Interview w/ Tissa & Ruby:

Here are some pictures of the changes we reviewed on the call:

Want a physical or digital copy of your own?

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Download a PDF of our Tribal Handbook!
We give a printed copy to candidates when they come in for recruiting on-sites.

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