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How Discovery Communications Uses Armory to Collaborate from Code to Cloud

Armory is a software delivery platform that unlocks collaboration between your Dev, Sec and Ops teams and systems, from code to cloud. Our mission is to accelerate innovation by making software delivery collaborative, unified, and resilient.

We enable you to codify Dev, Sec, and Ops best-practices as code, directly into an automated delivery process. This provides visibility into your apps and infrastructure, from code to (multi)cloud, and integrates Build, Provision, and Deploy into a single, automated unit of work.

We interviewed Stephen Garlick, a Lead Cloud Architecture Engineer at Discovery Communications, about how Discovery uses Armory to enable collaboration across teams and systems, from code to cloud:

In this video, Stephen shares how Discovery is using Armory to:

  • Enable application developer self-service: Developers can provision their own environments and deploy their applications into those environments using Armory’s  Terraform provisioning capabilities, including:
    • Using Armory’s Vault integration to give developers permissioned access to service accounts and credentials in a self-service and repeatable manner
    • Enabling developers to become more creative by providing standardized pipeline experiences that remove the disconnect between what’s running in Terraform and the application deployment process
    • Collaboration through the transparency of change management allows the operations teams to be more strategic in providing guard rails for the application teams to own their deployments
  • Break down the traditional wall between Dev and Ops by simplifying and providing transparency into the software delivery process, while also creating guardrails with codified policies via Armory’s Policy Engine. This enables developers to take more ownership of delivery in safe ways while applying standard corporate policies, removing configuration mistakes that would happen in a less structured & codified  process
  • Using a GitOps model to provision and deploy applications with Armory Spinnaker

Contact us if you’d like to learn more about how Armory can enable your teams to collaborate from code to cloud.