Going back to the ABC’s

Apr 13, 2022 by Maria Ashby

Joining the Spinnaker community sometimes feels like drinking straight from a firehose. During my first two months at Armory, I have been very lucky to have a set of amazing co-workers who have been able to support me throughout my learning journey. However, this is not the case for most new developers entering the CI/CD space. It is very easy to get lost in the never-ending rabbit hole of webinars, demos, and paid courses. 

My primary focus as a developer advocate is to help build the Spinnaker community, but in order to do so I must first equip myself with the ins and outs of the CI/CD space. So, today I am taking my first step towards this by “Learning out Loud”. By recording my journey into the wonderfully complex world of continuous delivery, I hope to help pave the way for other newbies like me to enter the space and feel supported. The future of CI/CD is full of opportunities and I want to empower more people to take up space and bring their different perspectives and ideas into the community. But before me and my hopefully growing cohort of newbie developers start contributing, we have to go back to the fundamentals or our “ABC’s”. 

I have launched a new video series called the ABC’s of Armory. Here, we will break down complex topics in Devops space according to their letter in the alphabet. We will be discussing topics ranging from deployment strategies to explaining the different use-cases of Kubernetes. This series will be the precursor to our upcoming “License to Deploy” program, where we empower developers to be able to confidently deploy at an elite level.  

In today’s video, we will be breaking down the basics of Blue-Green deployment. So, put on your thinking caps and get ready to learn with me.

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