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Get Ready for Spinnaker as a Service (SaaS)

Get Ready for Spinnaker as a Service (SaaS) hero graphic

Mar 17, 2020 by Stu Posluns

We are excited to announce that we have opened up a limited beta program for Armory Spinnaker as a Service, our forthcoming SaaS product. We will be bringing you all of the benefits of Armory’s Enterprise Spinnaker distribution, delivered as a SaaS offering.

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Believe it or not, Armory Spinnaker actually started life as a SaaS platform back in 2016. But at the time, we found that most of our customers were interested in maintaining Spinnaker within their cloud environment. With the benefit of several more years of cloud maturity, we are seeing a surge in interest from Global 2000 and Fortune 500 companies to leverage Spinnaker as a SaaS offering. What are they telling us Spinnaker as a Service will provide?

  • Substantial operational cost savings
    • It often takes 2-4 full-time engineers to install, operate and configure Spinnaker on-prem. With Armory SaaS, they can focus their engineers on delivering value to customers, and leave managing Spinnaker to us.
  • Significantly faster onboarding
    • Customers will be able to start deploying to production with Spinnaker within hours, instead of weeks or months.
  • Immediate access to the newest Armory Spinnaker features
    • With Armory Spinnaker as a Service, customers will get immediate access to all of the new features in Armory Spinnaker (inclusive of all OSS and Armory-exclusive features), without having to manually upgrade their Spinnaker instance.

With such strong demand, we were eager to get back to our roots and revamp our SaaS offering. Currently, a select number of companies are using Armory Spinnaker as a Service as a beta, and we are excited to expand the program to a limited number of additional Design Partners. These Design Partners will get early access to Armory SaaS and work directly with our product & engineering teams to help test the product and provide input on feature development.

If you are interested in early access to Armory Spinnaker as a Service, or in learning more about the product, reach out to us here!

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