Every Day Should be Employee Appreciation Day

Mar 4, 2022 by Jim Douglas

I couldn’t let “Employee Appreciation Day” go by without a heartfelt message of thanks and appreciation to the entire Armory Crew – both past and present. Saying ‘people’ are a company’s true value seems trite. However, the Armory founding team built this company bottoms up based on a value system conceived to provide a great employee experience and to attract top talent. Therefore, posting a ‘thanks’ to employees on a specific day seems absurd, Every day is employee appreciation day at Armory.

The entire Armory Crew sends their appreciation to fellow team members daily for small acts of kindness, remarkable examples of collaboration, and incredible effort(s) leading to positive outcomes for our customers. I just hit my sixth month anniversary at Armory and I continue to be inspired by the people here each and every day. Employee Appreciation Day is a great chance to tell the world about the great team we have at Armory.

The lingering global pandemic and its impact on home and work lives has been consequential for everyone. One of the greatest challenges for companies working in a truly distributed mode for the first time has been maintaining comradery and culture. Throughout, the Armory team has continued to maintain an unwavering selflessness as they support each other and our customers in a steadfast manner. Both with work related issues and the hardships many have experienced due to illness and its impact on their families. I see our people going above and beyond daily to help others. In addition to it being heartwarming on a personal basis, it’s also the formula for success for an organization. This focus and drive is what is propelling Armory towards greatness.

Here are just a few pictures of the team that represent the spirit of Armory to me:

I hope the entire crew knows how deeply I appreciate them – each and every day.

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