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Don’t miss Open Core Summit 2020 on Dec. 17th. – w/ Keynote by Rosalind Benoit, Director of Community @ Armory

Armory is excited to be a Diamond Sponsor of the second annual Open Core Summit. This three-day virtual event takes place December 16-18, 2020, and brings a variety of thought leaders that are passionate about the intersection of OSS and business. It is the first ecosystem conference focused on accelerating the growth of the world’s most valuable and inclusive technology ecosystem.

Make sure to register for the event for free, and stop by the Armory booth to say hello!

Our very own Rosalind Benoit is delivering a keynote that you won’t want to miss at 2:10 pm PT, Thursday, December 17. In the talk, Joseph Jacks, founder of Open Core Summit and OSS Capital, will interview Rosalind, covering a wide range of topics such as:

  • The link between open source communities and product-led growth
  • The future of SDLC interoperability
  • Spinnaker’s ecosystem, plugin framework, and partnerships
  • How open-source can contribute to a more equitable tech space

The summit will be presented via the Hopin virtual event platform to provide an interactive space for presenters to connect with their audience. We hope to see you there!