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Sep 22, 2020 by Ryan Cartwright

On Thursday, September 17, 2020, AWS and Armory joined forces with for a Webinar titled “Securing your AWS Deployments with Spinnaker and Armory Enterprise.” Industry leaders, technologists, and practitioners joined us from around the world for the live webinar.

The webinar was moderated by Charlene O’Hanlon from who were joined by Paul Roberts,  Principal Solutions Architect, Strategic Accounts from AWS and Lee Faus, Field CTO and Application Architect from Armory.


Customers are challenged today by a constant struggle between velocity and governance.  What they want is consistent, secure, and scalable software deployments, but their security teams also need to be able to identify possible issues early in the development process to allow for proactive modification to the deployment process to ensure compliance in the cloud.

What We Learned

From the registration page, the audience knew they were going to walk away with the following information:

  • How to experiment while still enforcing deployment policies 
  • How to build reusable modules that reduce the number of stages needed for deployment
  • How lockable pipelines enforce continuous delivery to release orchestration best practices

Along with the summary bullets on the registration page shown above, we learned some other exciting information:

  • Why did AWS get involved?
  • Where to find the most up to date Spinnaker Documentation from Armory and the community?
  • Fargate Support
  • Lambda Support
  • EKS Integration
  • CodeBuild Support

Live Polls

2 live polls were asked during the webinar with the results below.

What compute primitives are you primarily using? VMs are still leading the way as companies adopt cloud. Without a doubt, Containers and Functions are gaining serious momentum as companies adopt cloud-native technologies.

Do your developers have access to modify production resources and applications today? This interesting question provides a glimpse into the cultures of companies around the world. Most organizations are still figuring out their journey to adopt true CD and not yet ready to give up control to their engineering resources to work at the Speed of Life.

Audience Questions

There were some great live questions asked that you can find below:

  • What compute primitives do you see customers using predominantly with Spinnaker?
  • What patterns/workloads do you see customers using with Spinnaker?
  • How do customers approach securing pipelines?
  • Does Spinnaker work with Azure DevOps for those organizations that use Azure DevOps?
  • How is the easiest or fastest way to get started with evaluating Spinnaker?
  • Does Spinnaker work with OpenShift?

If you have more questions, Paul and Lee shared their emails if you want to contact them directly at [email protected] and [email protected].

Watch or re-watch the webinar here to find out the answers.

Learn more about Policy Driven Deployments

What if the industry has been thinking about continuous delivery the wrong way? What if continuous delivery is not an extension of continuous integration, instead it is the concept of automating the rules that have been defined by your change review boards and exposing them to application teams early in the development cycle.

Start an Evaluation

If you are ready to get your hands dirty and feet wet, here are two resources for you to start evaluating Armory inside of your environment. For those that want to do a self-evaluation, here are two resources for you:

If you want a personalized demo or assistance in a customized POC, contact us today.

Get Involved

There are over 10,200 individuals participating in conversations on Spinnaker Slack as well a number of upcoming Spinnaker talks happening at CDCon on October 7-8th, 2020, and the nearly month-long Spinnaker Summit October 19 – November 12, 2020 with Summit Gardening Days hackathon.

About the Speakers

Field CTO and Application Architect –
With over 20 years of experience in IT, Lee has been mentoring senior executives at G2k and Fortune 500 on DevOps workflow best practices leveraging an open core mentality and helping them understand best practices for automation and self-service for AppDev teams to deliver applications faster with higher precision and greater accuracy to increase company value in a post-pandemic world.
Principal Solutions Architect, Strategic Accounts – Amazon Web Services
Paul is an extremely technical and seasoned technologist who has spent the last decade engineering and implementing large scale infrastructure and security architectures for organizations of all sizes – ranging from startup to Fortune 500. He is currently helping AWS strategic customers successfully transition to the public cloud.

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