Championing the Community at Spinnaker Summit 2022

Nov 3, 2022 by Adam Frank

The Armory Crew was excited to meet the community in person for the first time in a few years at the sixth-annual Spinnaker Summit, held in beautiful downtown Detroit, MI. Armory employees loved the opportunity to engage with devs, talk to power users, and give educational talks to help bolster the strength of the Spinnaker community. 

Here is a round-up of the talks and recordings from Armory speakers at the summit, courtesy of the Continuous Delivery Foundation.

Spinnaker Summit 2022 Welcome & Opening Remarks

The welcome and opening remarks keynote was delivered by Kelsey Hightower, Director Developer Advocate at Google and Maria Ashby, Developer Advocate at Armory.

Building the Next Generation of the Spinnaker Community – Maria Ashby, Armory

The Spinnaker Project has a bright future in terms of the quality of engineering and the new features being proposed. Maria Ashby, Developer Advocate at Armory, proposes a strategic community engagement plan to revamp Spinnaker enthusiasm, improve training processes, generate new content ideas, and grow the community. 

Spinnaker Technical Oversight Committee Q&A

The newly-formed Spinnaker Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) was announced at Spinnaker Summit 2022, combining the previous TOC and the Steering Committees. The new Technical Oversight Committee members are:

Ingredients for Spinnaker Success: Creating an Open Source Movement to Accelerate Innovation – Ben Mappen, Co-founder and SVP of Strategic Partnerships, Armory

Successful open source projects have a vibrant community. This talk with Ben Mappen, co-founder and SVP of Strategic Partnerships at Armory, explores the ingredients of a healthy OSS community and provides a roadmap for how Spinnaker can grow to the next level.

First-time Spinnaker Contributors Workshop – Fernando Freire, Armory

Curious about how to get involved in open source and the Spinnaker project? This talk from Fernando Freire, Principal Engineer and Engineering Manager at Armory, shows you how to use dev-friendly tools to jumpstart your next Spinnaker contribution. 

Documentation SIG – Tiffany Sonny, Armory

Docs often get negative feedback, but don’t often get positive attention. Learn how to curate cutting-edge documentation to support platform adoption and usage in this talk from Tiffany Sonny, Technical Publications Team Member at Armory.

RBAC In Spinnaker – Groups, Application vs. Account Permissions and How to Use Them – Jason McIntosh, Armory

Get a deep-dive look into role-based access control (RBAC) in Spinnaker in this technical talk from Jason McIntosh, Principal Engineer at Armory.

Dos and Don’ts for Securing and Governing your Spinnaker Environment – Kyle Mitchell & David Beale, Armory

Spinnaker is powerful, flexible and complex. There are multiple ways to do what you need to do with Spinnaker, and this talk provides real-world advice and recommendations. Join Kyle Mitchell, Technical Product Manager at Armory, and David Beale, Solutions Engineer at Armory, as they walk you through the best (and worst) ways to secure and govern your environment.

Ephemeral Environments Paradigm Powered by Spinnaker – Christos Arvanitis & Edgar Ulises Garcia Gallegos, Armory

How do you run a full test cycle in a short-lived production replica environment in the most reliable, easy and cost effective way possible? Using Pipelines as Code and from Github actions to Spinnaker, Edgar Ulises Garcia Gallegos, Senior Software Engineer, and Christos Arvanitis, DevOps / SRE Engineer at Armory, present and demo an end-to-end workflow spawning on-demand Spinnaker environments.

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