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Weeklong Spinnaker Gardening Days ahead for DevOps, Security & Delivery Engineers

Spinnaker, a hub of the SDLC, offers the world's most advanced collection of enterprise-tested software delivery abstractions. Spinnaker gardening days gives DevOps engineers, SREs, cloud architects, and all involved in the software lifecycle the chance to get involved in the project. As the global open source community around Spinnaker grows, companies like AWS, Salesforce, and Pulumi have joined to help build a thriving ecosystem.

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Continuous Integration using Jenkins and HashiCorp Terraform with Spinnaker on Amazon EKS

Note: We are delighted to host this guest post by Irshad Buchh from AWS and Meghan Liese from HashiCorp. The post can also be found on the AWS Open Source Blog. This blog post is the result of a collaboration between Amazon Web Services and HashiCorp. HashiCorp is an AWS Partner Network (APN) Advanced Technology Partner with AWS Competencies […]

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Armory Docs Get a Face Lift!

Pardon the dust and noise. If you visited Friday afternoon, you might have noticed that it looks different. Very different. The Documentation Team at Armory is excited to announce the launch of our new documentation website! Here are some changes you can take advantage of right now: Better native search functionality Better in-page navigation […]

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Introducing Armory Provisioning Management, with Terraform

A while back, we realized that our customers were using Armory's platform to unlock Terraform’s true potential at a fraction of the cost of Terraform Enterprise, while also unifying their cloud infrastructure with their application deployments. We've since expanded on this use case by introducing Armory Provisioning Management, with Terraform.

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Building open source community culture online, Part 1

How was our first Spinnaker Gardening Days last week, and what did we learn? Read the stats and takeaways here, and check out the winning team's creation, a Pulumi plugin. Get involved in the plan for standardizing Spinnaker development environments to give more devs access to true continuous delivery power!

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Why Armory Has a Remote Work Culture

At Armory, we are intensely focused on building our culture, not just building our product. Our culture is the operating system of our company, underpinning and supporting everything that we do. From the get-go, we decided that Armory’s culture was going to be designed to be remote work friendly.

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