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Using Spinnaker with Chef & Puppet

Spinnaker takes a opinionated approach to deploying software. Well, Spinnaker doesn’t really deploy software, it deploys infrastructure. The concept is better known immutable infrastructure. When changes are needed in production, the old infrastructure is torn down or disabled and replaced by new sets of VMs, load balancers and sometimes databases. This approach gives you greater […]

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Armory Spinnaker Release Version 1.2.0

“**Version 1.2.0** is your Spinnaker Sherpa, guiding you up the long Continuous Delivery Mt. Everest journey, and shouldering the heavy load for you!” – Isaac As always, we strive to provide “Ridiculously Responsive” customer support. Let us know how this release works for you. We are currently supporting us-west-2. Armory Enterprise Spinnaker Smaller container size: […]

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Fine Grained Rate Limits for Spinnaker Clouddriver

When using Spinnaker, it queries your cloud provider (AWS, GCP, Azure, Kubernetes, etc) frequently to understand about the state of your existing infrastructure and current deployments. In doing so however, you might run into rate limits imposed by the cloud provider. On AWS you might see an exception similar to the following: com.amazonaws.AmazonServiceException: CloudWatchAlarm Rate […]

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Armory Spinnaker Pricing

We’ve now published our pricing on our website at Learn More New Spinnaker JIRA Stage Automate Load Testing with Armory Spinnaker and Locust Introducing Armory Certified Pipelines Introducing Armory Barometer New Spinnaker ELB Stage RPM Packager Support for Spinnaker

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Meetup: Microservices Deep Dive

Armory sponsored the “All you ever wanted to know about microservices (and then some)” meetup tonight, held at BigPanda in Palo Alto, CA. Panelists included: Tarun Desikan, Co-founder of Banyan Ops David Gildeh, CEO of Dataloop.IO Harjot Gill, Co-founder and CEO of Netsil Take a look at this 45 minute meetup video if you’d like […]

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Faster AMI Baking with Enterprise Spinnaker and Packer

By default, most Spinnaker users bake AMIs via EBS volumes. However, we’ve found that faster AMI bake times can be achieved using chroot. In this video, I’ll show you how it’s done: If you’d like to learn more about Spinnaker, and Armory Spinnaker in particular, take a look here. Here’s the transcript: Daniel: Hey, guys. […]

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Deploy Software Safer & Faster with Spinnaker

Armory’s focus is to make your software deployments boring, fast and continuous. Here is Armory’s recommended process to evaluate (and ensure) the success of Spinnaker within your organization to deploy software more safely, reliably, and with higher velocity. Before you begin: Read our Stages of Software Delivery Evolution Infographic to understand which stage your company […]

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Securing Spinnaker in AWS with GitHub OAuth 2.0

Spinnaker out of the box is not pre-configured to be secure within AWS and does not automatically provide authorization. Here’s how to secure Spinnaker in AWS using OAuth 2.0. This configuration leverages GitHub OAuth 2.0 (including GitHub Enterprise), but if you prefer to use Okta, Google, Azure, Facebook or other OAuth 2.0 you can modify […]

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Extremely Easy Installation Script for Spinnaker

We’re putting the finishing touches on an extremely easy installation script for Spinnaker. Here’s an early peek: Enterprise users will be able to run our install script We’ll prompt for the key file The script will download everything it needs, ensure permissions, standup dbs, etc. Here’s a Transcript: DROdio: All right, so already late night. […]

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Multi-Cloud Deployments with Spinnaker: Massive Move To The Cloud By 2,000 Global Enterprises

As we continue to see a massive move to the cloud by Global 2,000 enterprises, there is a real concern about vendor lock-in to the large cloud vendors like Amazon AWS, Google GCP and Microsoft Azure. Many engineering teams are looking for solutions that help abstract out the underlying cloud implementation. Spinnaker, a open source […]

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