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Building Tools for Spinnaker

During KubeCon Seattle, Armory hosted a Spinnaker dinner at Ruth’s Chris Steak House to bring the Spinnaker community together. At dinner, Bobby from Namely, discusses his journey with Spinnaker. Part 1: Part 2:

Spinnaker Meetups on December 5: Advanced Pipelines Deep Dive

Dec. 5 | Advanced Spinnaker Pipelines Deep Dive San Mateo, CA Details We are excited to announce the next Spinnaker Bay Area meetup will be on December 5th, 2018 at Armory HQ in San Mateo, CA. We’ll be jumping into a deep dive into how Spinnaker sequences stages, composes behavior and handles errors in branching […]

DevOps is transforming into Modern Software: Upgrading Your Management Style for DevOps

Transitioning your organization to DevOps involves an overhaul in processes, technology, roles, culture, and even mindsets so teams can effectively work together toward a common goal – but someone has to lead the effort. Focusing on four key pillars can position you for success.

Enterprise DevOps Adoption: 4 Common Missteps and Pitfalls to Avoid while Transitioning to DevOps.

Enterprises are embracing DevOps on their march towards digital transformation in response to the mounting pressure to increase operational efficiency and decrease costs. Forrester named 2017, “the year of enterprise DevOps” as its report showed that 63% of organizations that answered their Global DevOps Benchmark survey have either implemented or are expanding on their implementation […]

Making Teams and DevOps Work, Atlassian’s Playbook: Our No BS Guide to Unleashing your Team’s Potential

In making the switch to a distributed technology of microservices, continuous integration and continuous delivery, one of the unexpected changes for most companies is how their company structure needs to change to mirror their new distributed stack. The move to DevOps requires functioning cross-functional teams. Teamwork is a common buzzword but is not so easy […]

How Progressive Engineering Leaders are Innovating Faster

So you’re thinking about moving to the cloud, and containers, or perhaps you’re already on the path to move from monolith to microservices, or to migrate from VMs to containers. Congratulations, and welcome to the future. This change is more than just changing platforms. Moving from waterfall or even agile to the complicated world of […]

Feature Flags vs Canaries

Feature flags and canaries have different objectives despite appearing similar: Feature flags expose a specific feature to a sample set of users and then measures it’s impact. Canaries expose a specific version of the entire application to a sample set of users and then measures it’s impact. So what’s the difference? Here’s the high-level: Feature […]

Software: Those Who Deliver – And Those Who Do Not

All users have one question in mind: Can you deliver? In the unpackaged form it comprises these inherent questions: Is what you’re delivering the best I can get? Is what you’re delivering the fastest I can get it? Is what you’re delivering a better version of what I got last? Your business’s answer to the […]

Armory: Now, and What’s Next

Now: Armory’s Focus & Priorities It’s still early days for both Spinnaker and Armory. After speaking in-depth to developers and engineering leaders at over 137 Global 2,000 enterprises, we found a consistent desire to use Spinnaker, but a wariness around supporting and operating it. During one of these surveys, a prominent Fortune 100 company told […]

Advanced AWS Meetup: IPv6 and AWS + Aurora PostgreSQL

Armory sponsored the Advanced AWS Meetup at Slack this week. If you’re looking to get ramped up on IPv6, and how it’s enabled in EC2, you can dig in here: IPv6 on AWS Bob Van Zant – Bracket Computing At re:invent 2016 Amazon announced support for IPv6 across EC2. I’ll introduce core IPv6 concepts and […]