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Context over Control: How Netflix gives every developer access to Production

At the 2019 Spinnaker Summit, I interviewed Andy Glover, Director of Delivery Engineering at Netflix about how Netflix uses Spinnaker. Andy provided some great software development cultural takeaways in these two videos: Context over Control + how Spinnaker works inside Netflix: 1) Netflix has a “learning culture” that believes in context over control. Netflix uses […]

Moving to Microservices Is Much More Than A Technology Choice

Since we started Armory 3 years I’ve heard almost all of the Fortune 500 say they are embracing microservices for a pay-off in productivity and scalability.  And yet most are unable to propel their organizations adopting this practice due to a lack of trust and autonomy given to their software engineers. Historically we all developed […]

An Interactive Workshop: Bridging the Gap Between Digital & Cultural Transformation

Any improvements made anywhere besides the bottleneck are an illusion. – Gene Kim, The Phoenix Project After years of working on individual contributor development at Facebook and a decade of managing successful engineering teams at scale we’ve learned that the tools don’t matter unless you have cultural & process alignment.  Spinnaker is a leading class […]

Helping Executive Teams Move to DevOps

Recently Kate MacAleavey led a discussion between Aaron Dignan, founder of TheReady, and DROdio, CEO of Armory, to explore both the human and technical sides of DevOps and Digital Transformation by Global 2,000 enterprises. TheReady is an organizational design and transformation partner. It helps Global 2,000 enterprises discover a better way of working by partnering […]

How Spinnaker Enables a Successful Cultural Shift to DevOps

“Business as usual is no longer enough to remain competitive.” – From page 3 in “Accelerate: The Science of Lean Software and DevOps: Building and Scaling High Performing Technology Organizations” I recently sat down with Andy Glover, the Director of Delivery Engineering at Netflix, at a recent Insight IGNITE event to talk to him about […]

What’s it like to be a remote employee at Armory?

We are working to build a very intentional “Roundabout” culture at Armory that empowers our employees (we call ourselves “tribals”) to be successful at the edges of our organization. This means we have a strong focus on transparency, velocity, access to data, access to each other, and experimentation. One candidate recently asked us for more […]

Say Goodbye to Choosing Between Speed and Safety

The idea that speed comes with a safety trade-off is deeply ingrained in our psyches. We’re not just talking about software development and deployment, but everything in our lives. The truth is, when human beings try to do things faster, they tend to make more mistakes. One of the Spinnaker project’s goals is to destroy […]

What exactly is a Tribal Culture?

We’ve worked hard from the beginning of Armory to create a culture that is based on trust, transparency and empathy. You will often hear our founders say “the culture of a company is its operating system.” A good culture is something that most candidates will reference as the top thing they look for in a […]

Share Your Thoughts on the State of Software Delivery

Take Survey Product development organizations are continually looking to modernize development and delivery practices to accelerate time-to-market for new features and products. With the introduction of recent software delivery innovations such as microservices and CI/CD, organizations are moving up the maturity chain from traditional deployment methods which can be unreliable and manually intensive towards full […]

How to Stay Ahead of the Curve

You want to stay ahead of competitors, right? From an IT perspective, the goal should be to use technology and software to support business initiatives, react to opportunities and generate more revenue—and stay at least a step ahead of your competitors. Staying ahead of the curve means moving as fast as possible and spending the […]