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Why Armory Has a Remote Work Culture

At Armory, we are intensely focused on building our culture, not just building our product. Our culture is the operating system of our company, underpinning and supporting everything that we do. From the get-go, we decided that Armory’s culture was going to be designed to be remote work friendly.

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Massive Tribal Handbook Update!

Massive Tribal Handbook Update! I just interviewed Tissa and Ruby to get details on this massive update of Armory’s Tribal Handbook, including: More detail on what Spinnaker is, why the world needs it, and how Armory’s proprietary distribution extends the OSS version More detail on Armory’s culture, including why we are investing so heavily in […]

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How Armory Builds Products

There are two primary approaches to developing and delivering software products. The first is to spend a long time building a product for end users before releasing it and seeking feedback, and optimizing for traditional engineering standards like reliability, scalability, and quality along the way.The second approach is the one Armory embraces: getting a product […]

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Nothing Changes Until You Do

“Nothing Changes Until You Do” is one of my favorite quotes and book titles from my colleague Mike Robbins. I keep this book on my bedside table for a reason; every time I am angry or irritated with people around me I am reminded that I am accountable for myself and that if I want […]

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Stop Stealing Learning Moments

In my line of work, I have people approach me daily with personnel issues. Personnel issues aren’t shocking as we are all complex humans with different thoughts, feelings, and contexts. But what is surprising to me is that 95% of the time when people bring these complaints to me and, I ask, “Have you talked […]

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Netflix doesn’t hire the best engineers. It creates them.

Netflix doesn’t hire the best engineers. It’s a commonly held misconception that engineering executives at the Fortune 500 use to deflect responsibility about their inability to innovate faster. “Netflix can do this because they hire the best engineers” Over the last 3 years, we’ve worked closely with many engineers at Netflix, Google, and Amazon. They […]

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Context over Control: How Netflix gives every developer access to Production

At the 2019 Spinnaker Summit, I interviewed Andy Glover, Director of Delivery Engineering at Netflix about how Netflix uses Spinnaker. Andy provided some great software development cultural takeaways in these two videos: Context over Control + how Spinnaker works inside Netflix: 1) Netflix has a “learning culture” that believes in context over control. Netflix uses […]

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Moving to Microservices Is Much More Than A Technology Choice

Since we started Armory 3 years I’ve heard almost all of the Fortune 500 say they are embracing microservices for a pay-off in productivity and scalability.  And yet most are unable to propel their organizations adopting this practice due to a lack of trust and autonomy given to their software engineers. Historically we all developed […]

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An Interactive Workshop: Bridging the Gap Between Digital & Cultural Transformation

Any improvements made anywhere besides the bottleneck are an illusion. – Gene Kim, The Phoenix Project After years of working on individual contributor development at Facebook and a decade of managing successful engineering teams at scale we’ve learned that the tools don’t matter unless you have cultural & process alignment.  Spinnaker is a leading class […]

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Helping Executive Teams Move to DevOps

Kate MacAleavey led a discussion between Aaron Dignan, founder of TheReady, and DROdio, CEO of Armory, to explore both the human and technical sides of DevOps and Digital Transformation by Global 2,000 enterprises. TheReady is an organizational design and transformation partner. It helps Global 2,000 enterprises discover a better way of working by partnering with […]

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