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Move to the Cloud. There’s no time to waste.

Eric Schmidt, at Google’s Next conference keynote, talked about how businesses urgently must move to the Cloud to stay competitive. He said: “I’ll bet the rest of my business career that the future of your business is big data and machine learning, applied to the business opportunities, customer challenges and things before you.” – Eric […]

Armory: Now, and What’s Next

Now: Armory’s Focus & Priorities It’s still early days for both Spinnaker and Armory. After speaking in-depth to developers and engineering leaders at over 137 Global 2,000 enterprises, we found a consistent desire to use Spinnaker, but a wariness around supporting and operating it. During one of these surveys, a prominent Fortune 100 company told […]

Announcing Funding by YCombinator, Javelin, Harrison Metal & others

We’re happy to announce that Armory is being funded by YCombinator, Javelin Venture Partners, Harrison Metal, Eric Ries (author of ‘The Lean Startup’), Transmedia Capital, XYZvc, Liquid2 (Joe Montana’s fund), Tikhon Bernstam, Ross Fubini, and a number of other angels. These investors have backed Armory because they believe in our long-term vision to advance the […]

Advanced AWS Meetup: IPv6 and AWS + Aurora PostgreSQL

Armory sponsored the Advanced AWS Meetup at Slack this week. If you’re looking to get ramped up on IPv6, and how it’s enabled in EC2, you can dig in here: IPv6 on AWS Bob Van Zant – Bracket Computing At re:invent 2016 Amazon announced support for IPv6 across EC2. I’ll introduce core IPv6 concepts and […]

Armory Spinnaker Pricing

We’ve now published our pricing on our website at Learn More New Spinnaker JIRA Stage Automate Load Testing with Armory Spinnaker and Locust Introducing Armory Certified Pipelines New Spinnaker ELB Stage RPM Packager Support for Spinnaker

Faster AMI Baking with Enterprise Spinnaker and Packer

By default, most Spinnaker users bake AMIs via EBS volumes. However, we’ve found that faster AMI bake times can be achieved using chroot. In this video, I’ll show you how it’s done: If you’d like to learn more about Spinnaker, and Armory Spinnaker in particular, take a look here. Here’s the transcript: Daniel: Hey, guys. […]

What is DevOps and why is it Important for your Organization?

Last week, Armory sponsored an SF DevOps meetup which included talks by: Armon Dadgar, co-CTO, Hashicorp, sharing what the term “DevOps” means and why it’s important for organizations who optimize for velocity. Tung Nguyen, former VP Eng, BleacherReport, discussing UFO, a tool he built for Docker and ECS. Peter Bakkum, Platform Lead, Quizlet, covering the […]

Deploy Software Safer & Faster with Spinnaker

Armory’s focus is to make your software deployments boring, fast and continuous. Here is Armory’s recommended process to evaluate (and ensure) the success of Spinnaker within your organization to deploy software more safely, reliably, and with higher velocity. Before you begin: Read our Stages of Software Delivery Evolution Infographic to understand which stage your company […]

The Armory Manifesto: Four Truths That Will Define Any Enterprise’s Ability To Thrive Over The Next Decade

For Context: Armory CEO DROdio shares the Four Truths that will define any enterprise’s ability to Thrive over the next decade: (View the full deck from this screencast at the bottom of this post) This Manifesto is written for leaders with decision-making authority at Global 2,000 enterprises where: Software is critical to your company’s success […]

Welcome To The New Armory: To Stop Bad Deployments Before They Happen

Happy to announce we just re-launched to reflect the focus of Armory: To stop bad deployments before they happen. Come take a look!