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Building SaaS on AWS Livestream Recap

Mar 7, 2023 by Adam Frank

Safe Continuous Deployment to Amazon EKS with Armory

Armory crew members Stephen Atwell and Dan Peach recently joined the Building SaaS on AWS livestream on Twitch, hosted by Gunnar Grosch, Developer Advocate at AWS. I highly recommend that you watch the episode here and then check out my personal key takeaways below in our recap blog.

About the Guests

Stephen Atwell is Principal Product Manager at Armory who enjoys creating open source garden planning software in his spare time. Dan Peach is a Software Engineer at Armory and his fun fact was that he played bass in a 90s cover band in college. I knew the first one about Stephen, but Dan’s fun fact was news to me! 

What Did the Armory Crew Discuss in this Livestream?

Gunnar asked some great questions, so I highly recommend viewing the video for full context. But here are some of my own key takeaways. 

Architecture at Armory

Dan Peach then takes the reins to discuss the Continuous Deployment-as-a-Service architecture and how we solve customer problems who need to onboard hundreds of thousands of Kubernetes clusters. 

I recommend you check out the video if you’re interested! He goes into great detail that might help you get a better understanding of how Armory can work with your own architectural needs. 

Big thanks to Gunnar and the AWS team for having our crew on to talk about Continuous Deployment-as-a-Service. If you enjoyed Stephen and Dan’s takes, check out more of their insights on our blog. And if you enjoyed my take on their takes, why not check out my other blogs, as well! 

If you liked what you saw in this livestream, why not give Continuous Deployment-as-a-Service a try for yourself? Sign up for free now.

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