#BreakTheBias at Armory

Mar 8, 2022 by Eumin Lee

What challenges are women facing when it comes to inclusion within STEM? From an early age, women across the globe are not provided as many opportunities as their male counterparts. Many of these missed opportunities have generally been based in biases and myths, including the idea that women are unfit for STEM careers for a myriad of outrageous reasons.

Armory is determined to break the bias and strive for an equitable future.

How has Armory challenged the bias and uplifted women in STEM?

Armory is striving to close the gap among all groups of women and encourage their growth within STEM. From fostering a nurturing environment for our employees to improving our customers’ Spinnaker deployments, Armory utilizes several practices.
Within the organization, Armory has outstretched to a wide network of talent in order to provide excellent service and support. The Leadership Team exemplifies strong characteristics of allyship and advocacy by entrusting core pieces of the business to strong female engineers, directors, and managers. We also look to our Board for guidance to ensure we are moving towards an equitable future. In addition to this, Armory utilizes a mentorship program to encourage growth and advancement for our engineers. Not to mention that the organization empowers all team members to advance their professional development with trainings, coursework, and certifications.

Moving forward, Armory is also considering ways to increase their Corporate Social Responsibility. Focusing heavily on outreach and opportunities, Armory is always on the lookout for great talent and is currently hiring for several different roles!

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