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Automating Security Testing with a GitOps Workflow

Jun 15, 2023 by Adam Frank

GitOps is a workflow for automated deployment and management of applications using version control systems such as Git. It combines the power of continuous integration and automated security testing with the efficiency of automated deployment to deliver applications faster and more securely than ever before.

Automated Security Testing

The main benefit of automated security testing in a GitOps workflow is that it allows teams to identify and resolve security vulnerabilities more quickly and accurately than manual methods. Automated tests can be run after each code commit, providing real-time feedback to developers so they can fix any potential issues before they impact production systems.

By integrating automated security testing into the GitOps workflow, teams can ensure their applications remain secure and compliant with industry standards without sacrificing speed or agility.

Automated Deployments

In addition to automated security testing, GitOps also allows teams to manage their applications more efficiently with automated deployments. Rather than manually deploying updates and changes, automated deployments can be triggered when code is committed to version control systems such as Git.

The updated code is then orchestrated across all clusters and environments while integrating existing automation like security scanners and testing. This makes it easier for teams to deploy new features and bug fixes quickly while reducing the risk of human error.

Reduced Risk

By incorporating automated tests into the GitOps workflow, any changes made to the application that fails a security test can be blocked until it is corrected. This helps reduce risk and increase code quality at every step in the process, from development to production. Take the time to incorporate automated tests into your GitOps workflows and reap the rewards!

If you’re ready to learn more about automating security testing and GitOps workflows for your organization, try CD-as-a-Service today! We can help you get started with orchestrating your deployments and incorporating your automated security testing so your deployments are automated end-to-end, making your applications secure, compliant, and running efficiently.

Happy coding! Happy customers! 

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