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Alibaba Cloud Builds New Clouddriver for Spinnaker

Adding to Spinnaker’s growing momentum, Alibaba recently built a clouddriver connecting Alibaba Cloud to Spinnaker (available in version 1.16). Here at Armory, we believe that one of the four truths that will define an enterprise’s ability to thrive in the coming decade is that the cloud infrastructure environment is becoming increasingly fragmented. Companies want the […]

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The Value Armory Adds on Top of Open Source Spinnaker

We’re often asked why companies should work with Armory when Spinnaker is open source and free. The short answer is: a) open source Spinnaker isn’t really free, and b) Armory provides compelling enterprise-grade features and support. Open Source Spinnaker Isn’t Really Free Spinnaker is a powerful open source tool for continuous delivery, greatly enhancing the […]

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A Million More Wishes: How Spinnaker Lets You Make Many Bets on the Future

While walking along the beach, a developer stumbles across a magic lamp. Out comes a genie, offering him one wish. Ever-savvy, the developer smiles and wishes for a million more wishes. “Can’t do it,” replies the genie, “I can only grant one wish.” The developer is crestfallen for a moment before the genie continues. “But, […]

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