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Recently Kate MacAleavey led a discussion between Aaron Dignan, founder of TheReady, and DROdio, CEO of Armory, to explore both the human and technical sides of DevOps and Digital Transformation by Global 2,000 enterprises. TheReady is an organizational design and transformation partner. It helps Global 2,000 enterprises discover a better way of working by partnering […]
Andy Glover at AWS re:Invent Spinnaker is our control plane for AWS. It has all of the visibility into the fleet of instances that we’re leveraging. – Andy Glover, Netflix Andy Glover, Director of Delivery Engineering at Netflix, and Paul Roberts, Principal Solutions Architect, Strategic Accounts at AWS, just gave a fantastic talk about Spinnaker […]
Note: We are delighted to host this guest post by Serge Poueme & Jessie Metivier from SAP. The post can also be found on the Spinnaker Blog. As a Site Reliability Engineer responsible for delivery excellence, solid deployment is important to me. I’ve been working with SAP for a little while now and I’m proud […]
Software Innovator Recognized for Enabling Continuous Delivery in Multi-Cloud Environments with Spinnaker Note: This news was announced here as a press release on 11/13/2019. Related post: JP Morgan Chase: You Need a Spinnaker SAN MATEO, Calif. – November 13, 2019 – Armory, the enterprise software company commercializing Spinnaker, the leading open source continuous delivery platform […]
We are excited to announce that Ethan Rogers, Staff Engineer at Armory, has joined Spinnaker’s Technical Oversight Committee (TOC). The TOC is responsible for the overall technical management of Spinnaker, ultimately managing the day-to-day running of the project. Ethan’s invitation to join the TOC is a recognition of his substantial contributions to the OSS community […]
The Armory team is happy to announce that we have created a new Success Stories section on the Spinnaker website! This section houses case studies and testimonials from members in the community describing their journey to success with Spinnaker. The new page is off to a great start, with testimonials from leading enterprises including Avast, […]
SAP’s Customer Experience (CX) team recently posted about their success with Spinnaker on the brand new Success Stories section of! A few key highlights: Spinnaker has helped to create a standard CI/CD pipeline that improves developer productivity and reduces lengthy development cycles. With Spinnaker, their largest development projects are deploying 25 times per day, […]
Spinnaker and Terraform are leading open source projects enabling the continuous software delivery and infrastructure-as-code revolutions, respectively. The Armory team has built an integration between Spinnaker and Terraform, enabling our customers to extend the power of software pipelines and continuous delivery to infrastructure management. We’ve now released a free ebook and a webinar describing the […]
Spinnaker is a thriving open source project backed by, and used by, some of the biggest, most technically advanced companies in the world. However, there are some misconceptions about what Spinnaker can and cannot do, where it is in the open source software lifecycle, and how difficult it is to use. These myths are surprisingly […]
Many companies making the move to containers and implementing Kubernetes for container orchestration come to the realization that, while Kubernetes is powerful and does a lot out-of-the-box, it doesn’t do everything. Without either outside tooling or custom scripts, they can’t automate the deployment process and move to a mature continuous deployment model. We’re a bit […]