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This interview with Jason McIntosh, Principal Engineer at Armory, originally appeared on Cybernews. Read it in full here. What would you consider the main challenges development teams run into nowadays? A primary challenge is a continuous growth in complexity introducing friction into the innovation process. As organizations accelerate their transition to cloud-native architectures, developers […]
Before we begin – we would like to assure you that Armory Enterprise and OSS Spinnaker are NOT with the standard deployment paradigms vulnerable to this vulnerability.  Your services have to be deployed to an application server as a WAR.  Not even all application servers are impacted (though I’d suspect MOST are due to how […]
Today marked a 0-day disclosure of a rather nasty vulnerability in one of the most commonly used frameworks for logging – log4j.  This one is nasty on multiple levels.  Note that Armory Enterprise is NOT affected by this vulnerability.  The impact on this vulnerability is likely huge and is already being exploited.  Additionally it can […]
Overview One of the questions that comes up a lot is how you monitor Spinnaker itself.  Not the apps Spinnaker is deploying, but Spinnaker itself and how it’s performing.  This is a question that has a lot of different answers. There are a few guidelines, but many of the answers are the same as how […]