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Fine Grained Rate Limits for Spinnaker Clouddriver

When using Spinnaker, it queries your cloud provider (AWS, GCP, Azure, Kubernetes, etc) frequently to understand about the state of your existing infrastructure and current deployments. In doing so however, you might run into rate limits imposed by the cloud provider. On AWS you might see an exception similar to the following: com.amazonaws.AmazonServiceException: CloudWatchAlarm Rate […]

Why Are My Jenkins Jobs Not Showing Up in Spinnaker?

This is a common problem we see typically because Igor is not enabled. You can confirm this is true by looking at the Spinnaker Gate API to see if gate is getting any builds at all by executing the following: curl http://${GATE_HOST}:8084/v2/builds it should respond with an empty JSON array: [] You would also see […]

Armory Spinnaker Admin Documentation: Installing Armory Spinnaker from the Debian Package

Installing Armory Spinnaker from the Debian Package We provide a Debian package that will install all the dependencies needed. To install the debian package, currently the only supported OS is Ubuntu Trusty, 14.04 apt-get update && apt-get install -y \ apt-transport-https \ ca-certificates \ curl curl -fsSL | sudo apt-key add - apt-key adv […]

Armory Spinnaker Documentation: How To Set Up, Safely Administer the System, How to Use the System

This documentation can help you set up Armory Spinnaker, safely administer the system, and learn about how to use the system. If you want to know more about Armory Spinnaker read What is Armory Spinnaker. See the following for Armory Spinnaker Administration Deploying Armory Spinnaker Armory Spinnaker comes with an installer that walks you through […]

Faster AMI Baking with Enterprise Spinnaker and Packer

By default, most Spinnaker users bake AMIs via EBS volumes. However, we’ve found that faster AMI bake times can be achieved using chroot. In this video, I’ll show you how it’s done: If you’d like to learn more about Spinnaker, and Armory Spinnaker in particular, take a look here. Here’s the transcript: Daniel: Hey, guys. […]

Enterprise Spinnaker Audit Logging

Although Spinnaker is used to deploy applications, under the covers it’s actually doing something much more powerful: Spinning up, managing and destroying cloud infrastructure. This means that each time a company uses Spinnaker to deploy an update to an app, it’s actually deploying new virtual machines on AWS (or GCP, or Azure, etc.). Not only […]

If Software is Eating the World, Then You Better Know How To Code

At Armory we absolutely agree with Andreesen’s notorious statement about Software Eating the World. Seems obvious now, but hindsight is always 20/20. If Andreesen and we are correct, then you better know how to participate in a software driven world. This change is so important to us that even our CEO is coding and issuing […]

Multi-Cloud Deployments with Spinnaker: Massive Move To The Cloud By 2,000 Global Enterprises

As we continue to see a massive move to the cloud by Global 2,000 enterprises, there is a real concern about vendor lock-in to the large cloud vendors like Amazon AWS, Google GCP and Microsoft Azure. Many engineering teams are looking for solutions that help abstract out the underlying cloud implementation. Spinnaker, a open source […]

Why CEOs Should Care About Software Deployments

Software deployments have historically been seen as a technical activity that “the engineers will handle” but as software permeates everything around us, your software (and its deployments) directly impact your relationship with your customers in growing ways. In April 2015, a major airline made a bad deployment to iPads that contained airport terminal maps, resulting […]

Why (and How) Spinnaker and Kubernetes Work Together Seamlessly

The adoption of Kubernetes is happening at an incredible rate. Naturally, the next step is to look for tooling to support continuous deployments workflows with Kubernetes. In this quick interview with Lars Wander and Matt Duftler from Google, we talk about how Spinnaker and Kubernetes work together to help deploy better software. Lars Wander – […]