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Testing Microservices in Production? Canaries Can Help

I recently gave a talk at a Meetup about testing microservices in production, and how canaries can assist harried engineers with this once-stressful process. I also helped author the Microservices for Startups book. Moving from a monolith to microservices has changed not only software delivery integrations, but also the way software is tested. The Continuous […]

Keeping Developers Happy and Productive

A common saying is that “People leave managers not companies.” While 50% say that’s true; this post isn’t about that. It’s about keeping the other 50% happy and productive. We’ve reached a point in the software industry where money is no longer the driving factor in why engineers decide to work and stay employed at […]

Everyone Talks About It; Few Manage To Do It: Shipping Small Diffs

Podcast with Isaac and Colin from the Armory tribe where Isaac explains “Ship Small Diffs” and what the value surrounding it is: During an on-site visit with a client, I saw “Ship Small Diffs” written on a whiteboard. I had a small chuckle, then I thought about it a bit more and said to myself, […]

Feature Flags vs Canaries

Feature flags and canaries have different objectives despite appearing similar: Feature flags expose a specific feature to a sample set of users and then measures it’s impact. Canaries expose a specific version of the entire application to a sample set of users and then measures it’s impact. So what’s the difference? Here’s the high-level: Feature […]

My Pipeline Is Stuck On “Wait For Up Instances”

While executing a pipeline you might have run into this issue when not using an ELB where the pipeline gets stuck on “Wait for Up Instances” Why does this happen? Spinnaker uses external services such as ELB, Eureka or Consul to determine wether the instance is “up”. Once Spinnaker observes that the instance is “up” […]

Armory: Now, and What’s Next

Now: Armory’s Focus & Priorities It’s still early days for both Spinnaker and Armory. After speaking in-depth to developers and engineering leaders at over 137 Global 2,000 enterprises, we found a consistent desire to use Spinnaker, but a wariness around supporting and operating it. During one of these surveys, a prominent Fortune 100 company told […]

AWS S3 Outage and Spinnaker Multi-Region Support

We are reminded again today (Feb 28, 2017) about the fragility of the Internet. S3 is still down in us-east-1 and currently affecting pretty much every known business running on AWS and effectively shutting down the internet. I’m quite astonished at how a single service outage can bring popular other services like Slack, Dockerhub and […]

Out-of-the-Box Rollbacks With Spinnaker

What Spinnaker Considers a Version One of the great features from Spinnaker is the ability to have consistent & dependable rollbacks to previous version of your service. This is distinct from your application which Spinnaker consider as one component of the service. While it’s true that the main driver for change in your service will […]

Using Spinnaker with Chef & Puppet

Spinnaker takes a opinionated approach to deploying software. Well, Spinnaker doesn’t really deploy software, it deploys infrastructure. The concept is better known immutable infrastructure. When changes are needed in production, the old infrastructure is torn down or disabled and replaced by new sets of VMs, load balancers and sometimes databases. This approach gives you greater […]

Armory Spinnaker Release Version 1.2.0

“**Version 1.2.0** is your Spinnaker Sherpa, guiding you up the long Continuous Delivery Mt. Everest journey, and shouldering the heavy load for you!” – Isaac As always, we strive to provide “Ridiculously Responsive” customer support. Let us know how this release works for you. We are currently supporting us-west-2. Armory Enterprise Spinnaker Smaller container size: […]