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“Any improvements made anywhere besides the bottleneck are an illusion.” – Gene Kim, Phoenix Project Software continues to “eat the world”, and organizations are struggling to keep up. With the increasing pace of business and consumer expectations, enterprises in the Global 2000 are undertaking costly “digital transformations” to stay competitive. When speaking to bank executives, […]
“What does your CI/CD process look like?” This is the question that Armory CTO Isaac Mosquera asks at every client meeting. It’s rare to find organizations that have a holistic view of their entire software delivery pipeline. The more common scenario has several teams own portions of the pipeline, and responsibility is distributed across the organization. With so many approvals, stakeholders and steps involved its little wonder that organizations look at software delivery with anxiety. Isaac recently gave a talk at DeliveryConf 2020 in Seattle, Washington where he goes into Armory’s process for identifying and improving pain paints in your software delivery process. Take a peek inside for the full video.