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A Peek Under The Hood Of Life At Armory

This page now lives here! to get a peek under the hood of life at Armory.

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Strategies To Deal With AWS Rate Limits When Using Spinnaker At Scale

The Armory team did a quick video to discuss strategies to deal with AWS rate limits when using Spinnaker at scale: Here’s A Transcript: Ben: Hey, guys. My name is Ben. This is Daniel, Isaac, and Andrew. We’re working on an enterprise Spinnaker version. And we want to talk a little bit today about a […]

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Welcome To The New Armory: To Stop Bad Deployments Before They Happen

Happy to announce we just re-launched to reflect the focus of Armory: To stop bad deployments before they happen. Come take a look!

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Extremely Easy Installation Script for Spinnaker

We’re putting the finishing touches on an extremely easy installation script for Spinnaker. Here’s an early peek: Enterprise users will be able to run our install script We’ll prompt for the key file The script will download everything it needs, ensure permissions, standup dbs, etc. Here’s a Transcript: DROdio: All right, so already late night. […]

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Followup on Multi-Cloud Deployments

We recently wrote a blog post on multi-cloud deployments where Isaac, our CTO did a demo showing Spinnaker deploying to both AWS and GCP. The demo sparked a conversation in our office on the topic, so Andrew, our Senior Engineer, got us together to talk more about it: In the video we talk about reasons […]

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Leveraging Spinnaker for Cloud Compliance

The Armory team is exploring a new use case for Spinnaker around cloud compliance. Things like: How to meet compliance regulatory concerns How to transition from bare metal into public clouds How to leverage Spinnaker to get FedRAMP certification How to leverage Spinnaker for multi-cloud How to more effectively sell to customers using public clouds […]

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Welcome to the Tribe, Andrew!

Andrew is Employee #1 at Armory, a senior engineer. His first day was yesterday. Welcome! Here’s an intro from our entire tribe.

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More Disruption Coming from Software-First Responsive Organizations

One of the foundational changes affecting Global 2000 enterprises is the shift from “Businesses solving technology problems” to “Technology solving business problems,” meaning that software has become a deep competitive advantage for a new generation of responsive organizations, enabling them to play by entirely different rules and disrupting entire industries. In the old model, a […]

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DROdio’s CEO Manifesto

These are the commitments I make to every new hire that joins our crew [1]. Want To Join Us?We recently raised a $40M Series C, and we’re hiring for many positions. Get a peek behind the curtain of life at Armory. As CEO of Armory, I have four top priorities: 1) Craft and communicate why […]

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How and Why Netflix Uses Spinnaker To Create Competitive Advantages And Win In The Marketplace

Last night, Armory sponsored an Advanced AWS meetup focused on Spinnaker, which included: Andy Glover, Delivery Engineering Manager, Netflix, sharing how, and why, Netflix uses Spinnaker to create competitive advantages and win in the marketplace, as well as a peek into its roadmap Diana Tkachenko, Data Platform Engineer at Stitch Fix, sharing how she is […]

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