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Armory’s Platform, Now in Kubernetes

Armory helps software teams ship better softare, faster by helping customers identify and remove inefficiencies in their Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC). The Core of our platform is powered by an enterprise distribution of Spinnaker, the best-in-class, cloud-native software delivery platform created and open-sourced by Netflix and Google. Previously, although Spinnaker could deploy workloads to Kubernetes, […]

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Question and Answer with Ethan Rogers: Spinnaker and Kubernetes

Ethan Rogers is a build & release engineer, and also a very helpful member and Spinnaker expert in the OSS Spinnaker Community. Ethan swung by Armory HQ for a video with DROdio, CEO of Armory, and Ben, CPO of Armory to discuss: What is Spinnaker? How’s it different from deploying software with Jenkins, Ansible, Chef, […]

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Learn Spinnaker via these Training Videos

Armory’s Platform is comprised of four layers of value. At the Core is our enterprise ditribution of Spinnaker, the continuous delivery platform that codifies the software delivery best practices that put Netflix and Google a decade ahead of most other companies. Ethan Rogers, a Senior Build & Release Engineer and Spinnaker expert has teamed up […]

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Limit your blast radius with automated canary analysis

Isaac Mosquera, Armory’s CTO, recently gave a talk at Atlassian’s Mountain View office for LaunchDarkly’s Test In Production Meetup. Isaac talks about how using automated canary analysis is a way to limit the blast radius of issues in production while increasing development productivity, reducing risk and keeping developers happy. You can learn more about canary […]

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Now Available for Early Access: New Manifest Based Kubernetes Cloud Provider for Spinnaker

Lars Wander, software engineer at Google and Isaac Mosquera, CTO of Armory, presented the new manifest based Kubernetes cloud provider for Spinnaker at the Spinnaker Bay Area Meetup last night. Also presenting last night were: AWS ECS Provider – Bruno Carrier, Brandon Leach / Lookout Integrating Spinnaker with Custom Service Discovery (SmartStack) – Mike Phun […]

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Target & Cloud Portability enabled by Armory: As told by Scopely and Makerbot

Armory recently published two customer stories showcasing how Scopely and Makerbot have used our Platform— the Core of which is powered by Spinnaker– to migrate between VMs and Containers, and also across clouds. As the underlying clouds mature, and companies work to break monolithic applications into microservices as they reach Stage 3 in their software […]

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What’s the Difference with Closed vs. Open-Source Software Delivery Platforms?

The Rise of Open Adoption Software Open adoption software is re-drawing the IT Stack. Companies like Github, Docker, Mulesoft, Cloudera, and others are stealing budgets from more traditional application/client-server companies while driving more innovation. The above graphic illustrates the trend over the past few decades. The same is true in the software delivery world. Spinnaker, […]

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Armory Hackathon with Lookout

Armory is a very customer-facing company. We build features based on needs and pain point expressed by our customer. For example, we recently did a hackathon with Lookout, one of our customers, at an offsite location in Dillon Beach, CA. Here is a transcription of this video: Ben: My name is Ben with Armory just […]

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Automated Deployment Business Intelligence Charts and Dashboards

Before we build a feature into our Enterprise distribution of Spinnaker, we ask current & prospective customers how valuable it would be for them. You can find all of our Proposed Features here. We recently shared how we’re building SLA measurement into Armory Spinnaker and making an application’s SLA more actionable — for example, using […]

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Calculate the hard cost of your un-merged pull requests

Finding Velocity is our blog series for executives where we share strategies to deliver software to users faster and more confidently (and why creating this deep competency in software matters strategically).   We were just onsite with Kieran Lal, Senior Director of API Design products at Mulesoft. He said to us: What a great way […]

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