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The Backstory on Armory’s Series B

Last Fall, we announced Armory’s $10MM Series A investment. Today, I’m pleased to share that we have received a $28MM Series B investment from Insight Partners, bringing our total funds raised to $42MM. We are also welcoming Lonne Jaffe from Insight to our Board of Directors. Isaac, Ben, and I started Armory three years ago […]

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What’s it like to be a remote employee at Armory?

We are working to build a very intentional “Roundabout” culture at Armory that empowers our employees (we call ourselves “tribals”) to be successful at the edges of our organization. This means we have a strong focus on transparency, velocity, access to data, access to each other, and experimentation. One candidate recently asked us for more […]

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Work Somewhere Awesome

 DROdio, our CEO, gives a tour and describes why we started Armory to help software teams ship better software, faster. Learn more in our Manifesto. Want to dig in even more? Read the Armory Handbook and learn how our crew works from anywhere, including from a sailboat and an Airstream! Hi, we’re Armory. We exist […]

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Our Digital Transformation Maturity Model

This infographic is based on trends and learnings across hundreds of enterprises we’ve engaged with, spanning Fortune 100 companies evaluating a move to public or private clouds, to high-growth, software-first startups that were born in the cloud. The blue bar at bottom summarizes the costs & benefits a company can expect to incur across these […]

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Announcing Armory’s Series A

2020 Update: Want To Join Us? We’ve now raised a $40MM Series C, and we’re hiring for many positions. Get a peek behind the curtain of life at Armory. Read the Forbes and TechCrunch articles Just under two years ago, Isaac, Ben and I started Armory after experiencing the magic of building an in-house CI/CD […]

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Introducing Amazon EKS Support for Armory Spinnaker: Official Support for Installing Armory Spinnaker in EKS

Amazon recently announced General Availability for Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (Amazon EKS), a managed service that makes it easy for you to run Kubernetes on AWS without needing to stand up or maintain your own Kubernetes control plane. Armory is pleased to announce official support for installing Armory Spinnaker in EKS. With Spinnaker, […]

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Review by TheNewStack’s eBook titled CI/CD with Kubernetes on Continuous Delivery of Spinnaker

TheNewStack has written an ebook titled CI/CD with Kubernetes, which contains an entire section on Continuous Delivery with Spinnaker. If you’d like to learn more about how Spinnaker works with Kubernetes, this is a good place to start. Download the entire ebook here. For a more in-depth read on Spinnaker, we recommend this O’Reilly ebook […]

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Netflix and Google Teams Written O’Reilly Book which discuss using Spinnaker for Continuous Delivery

The Netflix and Google teams have written a fantastic book on using Spinnaker for Continuous Delivery. It’s an excellent (and quick) read, and a great book to share with engineering teams, leaders, and even executives that want to better understand how to leverage the power of software within their businesses. Read Netflix’s blog post about […]

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The 2018 Spinnaker Summit is Coming on October 8-9, 2018 in Seattle

Last year, Netflix held an inaugural summit for Spinnaker, the open-source project that codifies Netflix’s and Google’s software delivery best-practices, putting them a decade ahead of most other companies. Spinnaker powers the core of Armory’s platform, which helps software teams ship better software, faster. Over 250 attendees attended the first summit. Here’s a recap of […]

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Announcing Kayenta, the best-in-class automated canarying platform from Netflix and Google

Today, Netflix and Google announced Kayenta, the open-source project that codifies 5+ years of learnings from Netflix & Google on how to effectively canary deployments in global, high traffic environments. Kayenta works seamlessly with Spinnaker, which powers the Core of Armory’s platform. Armory has been involved in Kayenta for the past few months. We contributed […]

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