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Coronavirus: Information for our customers

Armory information for our customers regarding COVID-19, along with a resource document updated in realtime with more details on COVID-19 guidance for Armory's tribe.

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Otter: How to Make It Less Awkward to Whip Out Your Phone to Record the Convo

I just talked to Sam & Simon from Otter about how to make it less awkward to whip out your phone to record the convo. They had a great tip, below. If you have no idea what Otter is, learn about it here. If you’re ready to start using Otter, grab it here:

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Benchmarks: Digital Transformation in Global 2,000 Enterprises

I just sat down with Armory CTO Isaac Mosquera to discuss the best-practices Armory is seeing across multiple Global 2,000 enterprise customers (with many of them Fortune 100) around digital transformation, including; Best vs. Worst: Number of applications successfully migrated into the cloud from data centers in the first 9 and 12 months Differences between […]

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Massive Tribal Handbook Update!

Massive Tribal Handbook Update! I just interviewed Tissa and Ruby to get details on this massive update of Armory’s Tribal Handbook, including: More detail on what Spinnaker is, why the world needs it, and how Armory’s proprietary distribution extends the OSS version More detail on Armory’s culture, including why we are investing so heavily in […]

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2020 Preview: Spinnaker as a Platform

Spinnaker saw explosive growth across the enterprise in 2019. Forward-thinking enterprises that are farther along their DevOps journey are using Spinnaker as a software delivery orchestration platform – not just as a “CD tool.” Here’s a peek into how Spinnaker will evolve as a Software Delivery Orchestration Platform in 2020: We recently shared how Netflix […]

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2019 in Review: The Meteoric Rise of Spinnaker in the Enterprise

Armory’s top goal for 2019 was to help Global 2,000 enterprises discover Spinnaker. We have achieved that objective beyond our wildest expectations. At the beginning of 2019, there were only a dozen companies publicly sharing their success with Spinnaker — and that included Google and Netflix, who originally open-sourced the project. Spinnaker was a lurking […]

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Context over Control: How Netflix gives every developer access to Production

At the 2019 Spinnaker Summit, I interviewed Andy Glover, Director of Delivery Engineering at Netflix about how Netflix uses Spinnaker. Andy provided some great software development cultural takeaways in these two videos: Context over Control + how Spinnaker works inside Netflix: 1) Netflix has a “learning culture” that believes in context over control. Netflix uses […]

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AWS ❤️ Spinnaker

Paul Roberts, Principal Solutions Architect, Strategic Accounts at AWS, shared at re:Invent how deeply AWS is backing Spinnaker, due to strong enterprise customer demand. “AWS realized that customers wanted a single platform to deploy applications to multiple AWS targets.”  – Paul Roberts, AWS AWS started contributing to Spinnaker 18 months ago, and yesterday Paul announced […]

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A Lesson in History: Why Spinnaker is Revolutionary

In 1900 there were only 4,192 passenger cars built, and they had to traverse mud and dirt roads. Last year, there were 70,000,000 built (a 16,000x increase), and there are over 250,000,000 cars driving on today’s roads. It took Horatio 1,524 hours to cross the US. Today, it can be done in under 29 hours. […]

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Webhooks/Service Accounts/Pipeline Permissions in Spinnaker

A common question that we encounter here at Armory: how do I enable tools like Jenkins or Artifactory to call Spinnaker and trigger a pipeline.  How do I setup the authentication/authorization to allow this to happen?  The answer is pretty straightforward, though the terminology used is not what most operations staff would utilize.  Today we’ll […]

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