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A More Sophisticated Deployment to Kubernetes Using Spinnaker

Our CTO Isaac just put together a nice sample Spinnaker deployment pipeline using Kubernetes, which features: Triggering/kicking-off a pipeline off an automated push from another build process like jenkins Parallel QA and integration tests A smoke test Parallel deployment to Prod US East, West & Asia This pipeline showcases the power of using Spinnaker + […]

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Transcript: EXO Cloud Summit

This is a transcript of this video: Daniel: Okay, guys. This is Daniel, and I’m here with Pete Erickson. Pete is the creator of these EXO conferences, and we’re actually in beautiful Aspen, Colorado right now. We’re at a software engineering leadership conference, which we’re going to talk about. But you’re doing another conference soon, […]

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Google Making a Bet on Spinnaker and Ensuring Its Success

I interviewed Steven Kim, TPM at Google, at a recent EXO Cloud Conference, on why Google is making a bet on Spinnaker and putting resources into ensuring its success. Google has been investing in Spinnaker for several years and has a team focused on it. A great example of Google’s commitment to Spinnaker can be […]

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First Time In Action Spinnaker Demo

Armory recently sponsored the EXO Cloud Summit, where we gave Amar Zumkhawala a hello world demo of Spinnaker. If you’ve heard of Spinnaker but never seen it in action, this is a great opportunity to see it for the first time: Here’s the Transcript: DROdio: Okay, so this is Daniel, Isaac, and Amar. Did I […]

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Enterprise-Grade Software Delivery Using Spinnaker: A Company Can Only Be As Agile As Its Ability To Get Code In Front Of Its Customers

What Problem is Armory Solving with Spinnaker? As software permeates everything around us, including the goods and services we use every day, the relationship customers have with companies becomes defined primarily by how effective the company is at crafting and delivering this software. A company can only be as agile as its ability to get […]

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ARMORY @ Netflix Q&A

Our philosophy is to be relentlessly customer focused, so we hunt down answers to the customer questions we can’t answer (and with something as new as Spinnaker, that happens often!) then we share what we learn back with the community. Ask your own question below. Netflix HQ Visit: We recently visited Netflix HQ to talk […]

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Sept 2016 State of Spinnaker

Armory surveys the Spinnaker community to provide transparency into the state of Spinnaker (and specifically enterprise adoption) in the marketplace. You can download a copy of the PDF here. This report compiles 23 total submissions. If you’re considering, testing or using Spinnaker in production, please take the survey. We’ll include your answers in future reports. […]

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What is “Immutable Infrastructure”?

(And why’s it so important?) Spinnaker believes in deploying to the cloud using immutable infrastructure. It takes a prescriptive stance around macro-level trends like the rise of devops, cloud adoption, docker, etc. But what exactly is immutable infrastructure, and why does it matter so much? The best way to answer that question is to imagine […]

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Dominate Your Industry

Daniel and Ben discuss how software platforms are disrupting industries, why it’s important for executives and decision makers to be aware of it, and what they can do to compete in this new software-first world. Here’s the Transcript: DROdio: Hi and welcome to Armory. Let’s talk about how to dominate your industry by deploying software […]

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What we’ve learned talking to 70+ engineering managers about software deployments

As Marc Andreessen famously said in 2011, software is eating the world. Software is being used to solve the world’s problems. Software platform companies (like Uber or Airbnb) are disrupting traditional industries (like taxis and hotels). In this new era of Responsive Organizations, a company’s ability to imagine, develop and deploy software determine its chances […]

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