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We’re very proud to announce that Armory’s new product — Armory Continuous-Deployment-as-a-Service or CD-as-a-Service — now supports progressive canary deployments using Service Mesh Interface (SMI). For those put off by the preceding jumble of buzzwords and acronyms, let me try to give a simple explanation. Armory CD-as-a-Service allows users (you!) to safely deploy software to […]
We recently onboarded the main server component of our new software delivery platform — codenamed Borealis — onto Borealis itself. I’m going to talk a bit about Borealis, the experience of dogfooding at Armory, and what we hope to learn from it. Borealis and Deploy Engine The application we onboarded is called Deploy Engine. The […]
Many of the world’s most common and trusted applications- for both personal or business use – are now delivered as SaaS applications, whether on mobile, desktop, or other devices. End users assume these SaaS applications – whether paid for via subscription or invoked free on demand – to be available 24/7/365. Users trust application builders […]