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This article explores how continuous delivery helps organizations maintain compliance and discusses how Armory helps with features such as rollbacks and progressive deployments to tighten control over your solution infrastructure. It shows how to improve code deployments, ensure compliance, and maintain a healthy and active innovation ecosystem between your developers and operations team. Developers and […]
Almost half of all organizations now use Kubernetes (K8s) to empower continuous integration and continuous development (CI/CD) and stay competitive in a software-centric world. The challenge? Effective management becomes an issue as K8s deployments scale from tens or hundreds of clusters to thousands or more. From lacking skills to existing integration issues and legacy incompatibility, […]
Introduction When scaling a network service, there are always two concerns: resiliency and load distribution, to understand these concepts let us first understand the broader term “Redundancy”. Redundancy is the duplication of a component to increase reliability of the system, usually in the form of a backup, fail-safe, or to improve actual system performance. Resiliency […]