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On October 4, 2021, the world came to a halt. Over 3.5 billion people were impacted, as a service outage caused one of the most popular websites in the world to vanish from the internet.  Facebook was down. Not only that, the outage crippled Meta Platform Inc’s entire family of apps, including WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, […]
Spinnaker is rapidly being chosen by enterprises as the open-source software delivery platform used to modernize their application deployments. Today marks a monumental day in the continued growth and adoption of Spinnaker. The Linux Foundation, the nonprofit organization enabling mass innovation through open source, today announced the formation of a new foundation for the diverse […]
On Dec 5th, the Armory team partnered with Cloud Engineering NYC to host a Spinnaker meetup at Grubhub NYC. Big thanks to Jeff Valeo (Principal SRE at Grubhub) for helping us organize it! Ethan Rogers gave a talk about the fundamentals of Spinnaker and walked the audience through a demo of the platform. Bobby Tables […]
On September 7, 2018, Isaac Mosquera, our SVP Engineering, led an Armory webinar on how to setup and configure FIAT, the authentication and authorization service within Spinnaker. Topics covered: – High level architecture of FIAT – What auth providers Spinnaker supports – How to configure FIAT for Auth N – How to configure FIAT for […]
Join us for a webinar where Isaac Mosquera, our SVP Engineering, will explain how to setup and configure Gate for authentication and FIAT for authorization within Spinnaker. You’ll learn: – High level architecture of FIAT – What auth providers Spinnaker supports – How to configure Gate for Auth N – How to configure FIAT for […]
Last week Armory co-hosted a Spinnaker Meetup at Riot Games alongside Enjento. Zak Crawford (Engineering Manager of the Build and Deploy Team @ Riot) spoke about the benefits of immutable infrastructure and Isaac Mosquera (CTO of Armory) did a Spinnaker demo. Video of the event below:
Armory co-sponsored a Spinnaker meetup with Datadog last week in NYC. The event featured speakers from Netflix, Google, Datadog, and Armory. Below are some brief descriptions of the talks and the videos. Ethan Rogers (Sr Community Engineer @ Armory) Ethan discusses the difference between infrastructure-first tools (like the AWS console) and application-first tools (like Spinnaker) […]
Traditionally, deploying changes to a company’s applications has been a difficult and scary affair, which has motivated companies to build monolithic apps that are updated as infrequently as possible, with each update being a complicated firedrill coordinated across many teams (and often done on Friday night, so teams can spend the weekend cleaning up the […]
Armory’s Platform is comprised of four layers of value. At the Core is the minimum set of developer tooling a company needs to achieve “Stage 3” — Continuous Delivery of software. Powering the Core is our enterprise distribution of Spinnaker, the continuous delivery platform that codifies the software delivery best practices that put Netflix and […]
One of Spinnaker’s core value propositions is the ability to perform safe & repeatable deployments. But how do you know if a deployment is truly safe? A common approach to quantifying an application’s general health is with an SLA (service level agreement). To measure how safe a deployment is, we can look at the delta […]