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Say Goodbye to Choosing Between Speed and Safety

The idea that speed comes with a safety trade-off is deeply ingrained in our psyches. We’re not just talking about software development and deployment, but everything in our lives. The truth is, when human beings try to do things faster, they tend to make more mistakes. One of the Spinnaker project’s goals is to destroy […]

The Importance of a Fluid CI/CD Pipeline

When you’re handling enterprise-scale deployments, having a flexible, extensible and target-agnostic pipeline is critical to managing the complexity in modern application architectures while preserving your ability to innovate at least as quickly as the competition. Target Agnostic In Spinnaker, a Cloud Provider refers to more than just the public cloud providers like Google or Amazon […]

Webinar – Spinnaker: How to Deploy to OCI Resources Using the Newest Oracle Clouddriver Module

Join us April 18th at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is a public cloud platform that allows users to control VMs, containers, and Bare Metal infrastructure through a common set of APIs. OCI also supports Kubernetes with OKE, a managed Kubernetes service based on OSS K8s. Spinnaker is an open-source […]

The How and Why of Templated Pipelines

In an enterprise setting, it’s likely you’ll have not just more than one pipeline—you’ll have thousands. Netflix, for example, has over 9,000 individual pipelines. Sometimes a single individual is responsible for managing hundreds of pipelines. Keeping all of those pipelines up-to-date, ensuring configurations are consistently applied and making any change in the pipeline could become […]

New eBook: Accelerating FedRAMP Compliance with Automated Software Delivery

The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) is a government-wide program that provides a standardized approach to security assessment, authorization, and continuous monitoring for cloud products and services. Many enterprise B2B companies seek FedRAMP compliance in order to sell their products and services to government agencies which require FedRAMP compliance as a prerequisite. Unfortunately […]

What exactly is a Tribal Culture?

We’ve worked hard from the beginning of Armory to create a culture that is based on trust, transparency and empathy. You will often hear our founders say “the culture of a company is its operating system.” A good culture is something that most candidates will reference as the top thing they look for in a […]

Armory Founder Shares Insights on the Continuous Delivery Foundation and Spinnaker

Last week, The Linux Foundation announced the creation of the Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF) a neutral organization that will help grow and sustain an open continuous delivery ecosystem. In parallel, we announced Armory’s participation as a founder member of the CDF. Spinnaker, the leading open-source software delivery platform to modernize application deployments, was accepted as […]

Moving from VMs to Containers

Virtual machines or VMs create a copy of a computer system that makes it possible for a single server to host several VMs that each act as if it were a separate piece of hardware. VMs do not interact with other VMs on the same server at all—each VM is a self-contained unit and contains […]

CI/CD with Spinnaker on GCP

Meetup video from GDG Cloud meetup Montreal. Talk 1 – GCP Update by Ayrat Khayretdinov and team Google Montreal. Talk 2 – Your First Pipeline by Brandon Powell, Software Engineer at Armory When people first learn about Spinnaker and are building pipelines, they start with something extremely basic. When your pipeline is too basic, it’s […]

Delivering Applications with Spinnaker

Armory spoke at the Phoenix DevOps Meetup Group in Phoenix, AZ in February. Armory talked about modern application and infrastructure delivery processes using Spinnaker. Here is the video from that meetup: