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Software delivery automation tools can accelerate and improve the deployment process. DevOps engineers know that quickly delivering high-quality software to customers is critical to maintaining their company’s competitive advantage. Yet, enterprises often need help with implementing modern software delivery practices.   The market offers many software delivery automation products, each with different features. Choosing the […]
Spring has sprung and the Armory crew is feeling the good vibes. Across our continuous deployment solutions, we’re adding features and updates to make developers’ lives easier and help organizations enable better deployment practices at scale.  Here’s how you can stay in the loop on the latest releases, keep up with our various products, as […]
Safe Continuous Deployment to Amazon EKS with Armory Armory crew members Stephen Atwell and Dan Peach recently joined the Building SaaS on AWS livestream on Twitch, hosted by Gunnar Grosch, Developer Advocate at AWS. I highly recommend that you watch the episode here and then check out my personal key takeaways below in our recap […]
You’re going to love the updates from Armory this month. Here’s how you can stay in the loop on the latest releases, stay informed about our various products, as well as have the option to receive general continuous deployment news right in your inbox. (We promise not to send any cheesy valentines.)  Continuous Deployment Self-Hosted […]
Many organizations look to Amazon Web Services (AWS) to host and deploy their applications in the cloud. However, they’re finding that their deployment tooling, often built as an extension of their legacy continuous integration (CI), is one of the main impediments to adopting cloud services.  Custom-scripted production pipelines built with in-house tooling need to be […]
Get the latest product news on Continuous Deployment-as-a-Service and the most recent release for Continuous Deployment Self Hosted, 2.28.2. Welcome to 2023!  Just like every organization, Armory is looking for ways to improve our practices and deliver more value (and faster!) to you, our customers. That’s why our engineering team is working to deliver features, […]
Armory is excited to announce we have launched an interactive, narrative-driven developer experience that teaches continuous deployment concepts. And now you can try it out for yourself! Wilco, also known as the “flight simulator” for software developers, allows companies to create engaging interactive developer challenges (called quests) that enable developers to acquire and practice skills […]
As enterprises continue their journey from DevOps and GitOps to AIOps, they increasingly use additional telemetry, analytics, and machine learning.  This progress towards efficient and intelligent delivery of software requires better observability and actionable feedback in two areas: (1) within CI/CD pipelines, and (2) during and after deployment. The actionable feedback provided by the Armory […]
It’s that time of year. Time to break out the bare metal pole (tinsel is distracting), engage in feats of strength, and air out our grievances. At Armory, we’ve got a real problem with some of these software deployment issues. 😤 Grievance #1 – Difficulty with Multiple Environment Deployments The difficulty of managing multiple deployments […]
What is Kubernetes?  Modern software delivery to the cloud enables enterprises to make their applications highly available and manage their performance. Many enterprises deploy their mission critical applications on Kubernetes to do this safely and at scale. Kubernetes (K8s) is a platform to automate deployment, scale and operate application containers across server groups. Because of […]