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Armory has announced General Availability of the Spinnaker Plugin Framework for enabling simpler integration with Spinnaker.
Register for an upcoming webinar by Lee Faus (Armory) and Eric Mizell (OverOps) on November 19th, 2020 where they’ll show you how to optimize your canary releases by tracking four key metrics.
B Capital talks in-depth about why they invested in, and led a $40 million Series C round in Armory.
Continuous Integration (“CI”) and Continuous Delivery (“CD”) are two terms that are used in the context of modern DevOps practices, so much so that they are often combined as “CI/CD.” However, we’ve found that there is a lot of confusion about what these terms actually mean, why they are distinct from each other, and how best to implement them. Learn more about what CI/CD is and why it’s important to your SDLC.