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Armory & VMware Partner to Bring Spinnaker to Pivotal Cloud

VMware is partnering with Armory, the Spinnaker experts, to help Pivotal Cloud Foundry customers maximize the value of Spinnaker across the enterprise, and to enable the easy adoption of VMware hybrid-cloud solutions.

Why are Armory and VMware Partnering?

Spinnaker gives developers the power to deploy software, instantly and to any cloud or on-prem environment, with built-in guardrails to ensure best practices, resiliency, and security. Leading enterprises, such as JPMorgan Chase, have seen incredible success by combining the power of Spinnaker with the flexibility and scalability of PCF.

VMware and Armory have partnered together to help bring the compelling combination of PCF & Spinnaker to more enterprises, and to help current users drive further value from their software delivery process.

As the leading contributor to open source Spinnaker behind Netflix and Google, Armory’s feature-rich Enterprise Spinnaker platform and 24/7 expert support are best-positioned to help customers become successful with Spinnaker.

VMware has the in-depth market experience with PCF and in helping companies navigate digital transformations through app dev modernization and cloud migrations.

What Are the Details?

Armory will contribute to the active development of the open source PCF clouddriver in Spinnaker, ensuring PCF customers have a rock-solid platform that their businesses can depend on. Armory will also provide expert support & services to combined PCF-Spinnaker users.

Future offerings from both companies will be jointly developed at the executive level to ensure the success of customers that need a cloud partner that can scale with their needs.

Existing and future PCF/PKS customers can contact Armory or VMware to learn how a combined solution can mitigate risk and provide safety to operations teams wanting to implement a continuous delivery methodology.

You can find more details here.

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