Armory Turns Five!

Aug 21, 2021 by Armory

The Crew Celebrates Armory’s Fifth Year

Photos from the first Armory birthday party

Armory as a company turns five today! 🎉 This post is to celebrate and acknowledge how much we’ve accomplished since Armory was founded on this day in 2016.

Some Highlights from the Last Five Years

Photos from Armory from the past 5 years


Comments and Reflections from the Crew

I asked the crew to share their thoughts, a quote, or photos as part of the birthday celebration. Here are their responses.

Isaac Mosquera, Co-Founder, and CTO
We’ve come a long way since we started Armory from DROdio’s garage exactly 5 years ago. Our continued growth demonstrates the need for enterprises to re-invent themselves through software. I’m excited for the future of Armory through its thought leadership and innovative products.

Brian Le, Technical Writer
There are a lot of smart people who are also kind here.

Alex Bello, VP of Product, Ops & Research
I started my journey at Armory as the first customer, then the first product manager really excited about the opportunity to transform how companies ship software at scale. Four years later, thousands of developers at world-class companies like Autodesk, JPMorgan Chase, Snap, LaunchDarkly, and many others are relying on our platform to deliver innovation, and I couldn’t be more proud of everyone at Armory.

Ronnie Ghosh, VP Finance
Happy Birthday, Armory! It’s been a personally and professionally fulfilling journey to help you grow. The personal and professional relationships I have made along the way are the best part of my journey. Looking forward to the next 5 years!!

Wall at Armory HQ


Aimee Ukasick, Technical Writer
Best group of people I’ve worked with in 24 years in IT!

Bri Harrison, Sr. Manager, People Operations

Two people seated and smiling at the camera

Armory won my heart when I saw the level of care they put into people and how they involved and engaged them. I remember being invited to the Armory holiday party (Feb 2020) and not officially working at the company. I was encouraged to bring my significant other to the party (Armory is big on family, which influenced me to work here). Because we lived in the far East Bay, we were offered a hotel stay in San Mateo that night. Wow! I was blown away and highly impressed because I don’t know many companies who’ve done that. It also showed me that it’s okay to be outside of the box and not follow the norms of the industry. That opportunity allowed me to see people outside of their work element and engage other employees on a human level. Happy 5th birthday!

Kinnon Yee, Technical Support Engineer
Having the opportunity to work with the brightest minds not just from a technical level, but also from a leadership level, and build out a World Class Support team doesn’t just come along every day. We all seem driven to do more for the company as a whole, and there’s not a day that goes by that I’m not appreciative to be in this position.

Thomas A McGonagle, Cloud Partner Solutions Architect
Armory makes me a “digital flyer”

Fernando Freire, Principal Software Engineer
Armory’s attracted some of the most interesting personalities of my career, and I’ve learned quite a bit from folks here about building companies, organizations, and products.

Margaret Francis, President, and COO
What’s happening at Armory, with our most successful customers, evokes William Gibson for me – “The future is here, it’s just not very evenly distributed.” The customers we have today that can ship as fast as they want, as much as they want- those are the ones the founders had in mind when they started the company five years ago. And here we are: great teams, shipping great software, using Armory product. I’m looking forward to seeing how many more teams we can get into the same great place over the next five years!

Armory HQ

Cat, Software Engineer
Not only are my teammates bright and talented, they are empathetic, inclusive, and all-around awesome people.

Phebe Vickers, Technical Account Manager
I have really enjoyed my time working at Armory – I have been challenged and supported by our amazing Teams and have been given the opportunity to use my skills and grow. One of my most favorite things is the culture, specifically this concept of “empowering the edges” – giving power and information to everyone in the organization, not just to the people at the top.

Bill Townsley, Engineering Manager
It’s incredibly energizing to be working with so many passionate and talented people!

Armory IRL meetup

Jennifer Hooper, Senior Director, Developer Marketing, Brand and Content
I have been at Armory for just over six months. The passion, dedication, and true warmth and openness of the whole crew are what attracted me — and what commits me to staying. To have been a small part in the first five years and watching the company grow has truly been an honor.

Jason McIntosh, Staff Engineer
Default to transparency

Marcia Knous, Release Manager
I have really enjoyed working with the Extensibility team (now Team Dynamo) on the new Armory release process. This picture was taken during a team-building activity we had – it was so interesting seeing how all of the team members contributed in different ways to solving the puzzle. I think the moderator said there is only a 50% success rate for finishing in the one-hour time limit, and our team managed to solve it in under 1 hour! A really great Armory memory for me, and I hope to have many more!

Barbara Brina, Software Engineer III
Armory is full of smart, caring and wonderful people! The culture here is unique and they made me feel part of the team since day one.

Gaby Perez, Software Engineer
Happy Birthday, Armory! It has been a pleasure to be here, I hope to be able to see you grow.

Here’s to Five and Many More

Happy birthday, Armory!

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