Armory Continuous Deployment-as-a-Service is Now Available

Jun 6, 2022 by Stephen Atwell

Over the last two years, our customers and prospects have said one thing: everyone wants Continuous Deployment, but adopting CD to production is too hard for many companies. Today we’re excited to announce that Armory is making production-grade continuous deployment available to all users of Kubernetes, regardless of size.

Armory Continuous Deployment-as-a-Service has been in early access since March. Since then, it has been used by engineering teams ranging in size from 20 to several thousand engineers. The 20-person teams are extremely exciting as they have historically been too small to successfully adopt most of the offerings in the market. Today that changes! Christopher Baldwin, the Chief Architect of Upwave, will join me onstage this Tuesday at cdCon to discuss how Upwave benefits from the simplicity and power of CD-as-a-Service.

Armory CD-as-a-Service codifies the most common patterns we see across the vast and elite Spinnaker community. It packages these patterns up into a set of best practices that can be easily and declaratively configured using a GitOps approach to version your configuration as code. Many of our design partners have initially deployed their applications with CD-as-a-Service in under 30 minutes… We have further simplified this experience: stop by our booth to deploy a sample application in four minutes.

Armory CD-as-a-Service currently supports deploying to Kubernetes. Clusters can be easily connected by installing a lightweight agent. CD-as-a-Service can orchestrate multi-environment promotion workflows, along with supporting production-ready deployment strategies that mitigate risk.

With Armory CD-as-a-Service you can:

  • Declaratively automate your entire deployment process, across all environments.
  • Leverage canary and blue/green strategies during deployment to mitigate risk.
  • Easily trigger a deployment from your existing tools, without a significant migration effort.
    • Github Actions: Armory Provided Github Action
    • Spinnaker: Armory Provided Spinnaker Plugin
    • Everything Else: Armory Provided command line
  • Leverage your existing automation, either in a staging environment after deployment, or in a production environment during a canary or blue/green strategy.
    • Leverage your existing monitoring for automated canary analysis during deployment.
    • Leverage your existing tests for environment or canary validation.
  • Deploy multiple Kubernetes objects together and make rollback decisions for them as a whole.
  • Deploy all changes, not just those to deployment objects, through the same pipeline every-time.
  • Route traffic with or without the use of a service mesh.

Interested in learning more? We’ve got a full demo video on our YouTube channel. You can also try it yourself by signing up at Once you signup you can deploy our sample application in about five minutes, or deploy your own application in under 30.

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