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A Faster Way to Evaluate Self-Hosted Continuous Deployment from Armory

Sep 30, 2022 by Anna Daugherty

Introducing Quick Spin

One of the most common challenges that organizations face when implementing a continuous deployment strategy is the time and focus that it takes to set up the tools and processes.

But a secure, flexible, resilient and scalable solution is available right now. Want to see if it’s the right tool for your organization? Take Armory’s Continuous Deployment Self-Hosted product for a quick spin with a free, easy evaluation version, right from your desktop.

What Is Self-Hosted Continuous Deployment?

Amory’s Continuous Deployment Self-Hosted (CDSH) solution is a powerful tool to create flexible, and secure pipelines. 

You’ll have the ability to increase reliability and avoid service outages by automatically deploying, verifying, and rolling back across multiple environments and deployment targets. With CDSH, you’ll experience:

  • Custom Stages & Pipeline Parameters
  • Multi-Target Deployment
  • Progressive Deployment Strategies like Blue/Green
  • Automated Triggers from CI & Git

Evaluate Self-Hosted Continuous Deployment with Quick Spin

Want to test out the experience for yourself? Now there’s a free, easy way to try out Self-Hosted Continuous Deployment right from your local machine. All you need is your local computer with Docker installed and an optional Kubernetes deployment target to test the deployment functions. 

Test out Armory’s version of Spinnaker (CDSH), see the UI (even without a target deployment), create your own test pipelines, and view your Kubernetes cluster info in action.

Sign-up here to get started with your free evaluation version: https://armory.io/quick-spin 

Get Started with Armory’s Full Continuous Deployment Self-Hosted Solution

Already convinced that the full solution is the right one for your organization’s continuous deployment strategy? Get a custom demo with our solutions team to get started. 

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