Armory Barometer

Identify and prevent bad deployments through automated canary analysis.

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What It Does

Armory Barometer uses your existing metrics as fuel to make deployments smarter and safer.

Stop Breaking Customer Trust

Armory Barometer identifies bad deployments and stops them before they happen, helping you maintain customer trust in your products.

Reduce Downtime

Ensure that only the most stable releases get to production through machine learning and AI that determine good vs. bad deployments.

Enterprise Support

A dedicated team provides enterprise support via email, phone, and Slack and a 1-hour response time for P0 issues.

How It Works

Integrate with leading Application Performance Monitoring tools to promote or kill canaries.

Barometer integrates with your Datadog, Elasticsearch or New Relic account, using automated signals from those APM tools to tell Armory's Platform whether to promote or kill a canary deployment.

“With Armory's Platform we've reduced years of accumulated tech debt, enabling us to deploy 10x faster and to significantly reduce infrastructure and operational costs.”
Brandon Leach, Sr. Engineering Manager, Lookout
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“Armory's Platform enables intuitive deploys that reflect and enforce best practices, with full automation when we want it, and a human hand when we need it.”
Avram Lyon, Director of Engineering, Scopely
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“With the help of Armory we migrated to Kubernetes on Google Cloud cutting our bills by 50%”
Richard Genthner, Lead DevOps Engineer, MakerBot
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