Optimize your Software Delivery with Armory and Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Armory simplifies deployments and reduces errors by providing a single path from production to the deployment target, regardless of whether organizations are deploying to Amazon EC2, Amazon EKS, Amazon ECS, or AWS Lambda.

Armory provides:

  • Full lifecycle management, configuration, deployment, and updating of Spinnaker instances so you can focus on building business value, not managing Spinnaker.
  • Pipelines as Code minimizes inconsistencies and increases productivity by storing pipelines in Git and managing them like you would code, including version control, templatization, and modularization.
  • Policy Engine powered by Open Policy Agent helps you meet compliance requirements and reduce the number of failed deployments based on custom policies you create.

Why Armory on AWS?

AWS and Armory have partnered together to help enterprises access the full breadth of innovation in the cloud. Using Armory Enterprise, customers can replace their complex, brittle paths to production in the data center with a single, codified pipeline that deploys workloads to AWS. With Armory’s target-agnostic deployment architecture, powered by Spinnaker, it is simple for enterprises to adopt new AWS services and regions. Multi-cluster, multi-region, and multi-service are all de facto enabled, removing the barriers to adopting new services.

A Partnership you can trust

Armory is an AWS Advanced Technology Partner that has achieved the DevOps Competency and participates in both the AWS Public Sector Partner Program as well as the ISV Workload Migration Program.

Take a Look!

Witness the flexibility and power of the Armory Platform to automate the delivery of application artifacts to different AWS targets. The video explores the pipelining capabilities that interact with service accounts to visualize deployments inside of the platform.

Armory + AWS Kubernetes Blue Green Deployments

Armory + AWS Quickstart

Armory + AWS: Agent for K8S

Case studies

Case studies


  • Migrated two monolithic applications and more than 40 microservices (80 pipelines) in only 3 months
  • Nearly doubled their number of deployments in four months
  • Production deployment time fell from 45 to 15 minutes
  • Greatly reduced their number of rollbacks
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  • Increased deployment frequency to eight times per day, with 2,000 deployments in the first year
  • Reduced change failure rate from 20% to 5.4%
  • Reduced recovery time from hours to 2 minutes on average
  • Enabled a 90-minute feature turnaround time
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Learn more

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