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Armory Cloud

Sign up to get early access to Armory Cloud, Armory’s enterprise-grade distribution of Spinnaker, delivered as a SaaS solution.

Armory Cloud is a SaaS version of Armory’s powerful Spinnaker distribution.

Benefits to our customers include:

Substantial operational cost savings

It often takes 2-4 full-time engineers to install, operate and configure Spinnaker on prem. With Armory Cloud, we take care of all of that for you.

Significantly faster onboarding

Start deploying to production with Spinnaker in minutes instead of weeks.

Immediate access to the newest Armory features

Always be on the latest distribution, without having to manually update your Spinnaker instance.

A select number companies are currently using Armory Cloud as an early release feature, and we are excited to expand the program to a limited number of additional Design Partners. If you are interested in early access to Armory Cloud, or in learning more about the product, reach out to us here!

Note: SOC 2 compliance certification currently under way for Armory Cloud.

Get to Software Delivery Nirvana with Armory.