Unlock Terraform's True Potential with Armory and Spinnaker

Armory’s enterprise distribution of Spinnaker is the only open platform that automates your infrastructure and application deployments, optimizing utilization and eliminating duplicative tooling spend.

Armory unifies your cloud infrastructure with your application deployments. Our customers replace Terraform Enterprise with Armory and OSS Terraform to unlock Terraform’s true potential at a fraction of the cost.

Additionally, Armory seamlessly integrates infrastructure management and automated policy enforcement into best-in-class application deployment pipelines, ensuring that your applications will deploy consistently, securely, and cost-efficiently, to any cloud target.

By bringing together the power of leading open source tools including Spinnaker, Terraform, and Open Policy Agent, integrated with exclusive Armory features, we unlock innovation in your development teams while typically saving six to seven figures compared to the cost of Terraform Enterprise.

Improve developer productivity & accelerate new features

  • Deploy faster by bringing infrastructure and applications together in a single pane of glass.
  • Eliminate the lag times introduced in the handoffs between dev and ops; automatically spin up and tear down the right infrastructure, at the right time, with the right configurations.
  • Empower your devs to own the whole service from end-to-end.

Boost deployment security, compliance, & resilience

  • Combine apps, infrastructure, and policy in an automated platform.
  • Always deploy with pre-blessed, templated, version-controlled infrastructure that is tightly coupled with your application and its dependencies.
  • Armory’s Policy Engine constantly checks your infrastructure and applications to ensure compliance with your security & compliance policies.

Save on tooling spend & efficiently utilize cloud resources

  • Armory elegantly integrates Terraform, Open Policy Agent, and robust workflow and RBAC capabilities into a single platform, providing superior functionality to Terraform Enterprise at a fraction of the price.
  • Dynamically spin up and tear down ephemeral resources (e.g. dev and test environments) so that you only pay for cloud resources that you need.

Collaborate from Code to Cloud with Armory