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Release Management:
Certified Spinnaker Releases

The latest version of Spinnaker, without the latest bugs.

The Problem

The Spinnaker platform is expanding and improving every day with the benefit of contributions from the strong and growing open source community.

However, each change has the potential to cause breaks and introduce security or stability issues. Taking advantage of the latest features in Spinnaker within enterprise environments requires specialized knowledge and processes to validate new OSS Spinnaker releases.

The Solution

Armory Release Management certifies new Spinnaker releases before making them available to our enterprise customers.

For each new release, we build an Armory edge version of Spinnaker and thoroughly test all of the components in our integration environment, together with Armory’s extended features.

How Armory Release Management Works

We have built an automated, comprehensive suite of dozens of tests over the last several years, including:

  • Integration tests
  • Security scans
  • Performance tests

Armory Release Management lets you stay up-to-date with Spinnaker without sacrificing stability or security. Take advantage of the latest innovations from the open source community, while resting easy knowing that you are upgrading to a certified, stable, secure release.

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