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Policy Engine:
Automatic Guardrails for Deployments

Get to prod faster, with guardrails.

The Problem

As the number and frequency of deployments grow, meeting different requirements and following best practices take up more and more time for developers and DevOps engineers.

Instead of creating value, they spend time making sure boxes are checked.

The Solution

Codify and automate your requirements and best practices within Spinnaker through Armory Policy Engine. Automatically ensure that applications meet compliance requirements before they get deployed by creating policies that act as guardrails, increasing safety, removing ambiguity, and letting your developers move faster.

When it’s audit time, use your pipeline execution history and policies to tell your story.

Policy Engine in 5 Minutes

Armory Sales Engineer Andrew Way demonstrates the Policy Engine.

How Policy Engine Works

Armory’s Policy Engine is backed by the Open Policy Agent (OPA).
When an application pipeline runs, Policy Engine ensures that the application is compliant.

Create and enforce:

You can read more about the Armory Policy Engine here.

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