Pipelines as Code:
GitOps Meets Pipelines

Dynamically create and store Spinnaker pipelines in a Git repo.

The Problem

Spinnaker’s UI is great for quickly building and running a pipeline. But with a UI-only approach, pipeline configs are not managed in source control like the rest of the code.

As a result, it is challenging to reuse, control, scale, and audit changes to your pipelines.

The Solution

Armory Pipelines as Code provides you with a GitOps-based deployment model for managing your pipelines. You can define your pipelines in JSON, HCL, or YAML, and automatically sync them from source control to Spinnaker.

A pipeline module’s library can be stored in a central repository for teams to reuse and contribute to, and you can validate your pipelines before committing them with the Armory CLI.

Pipelines As Code in 5 Minutes

Armory Sales Engineer Andrew Way demonstrates Pipelines As Code.

With Pipelines as Code, you get:

For collaboration, reviews, audits, troubleshooting, and change management
Share best practices, reduce redundancy, and maintain pipeline consistency across your organization
Onboard your applications and your application developers quickly
Conditional logic, multiple repo / multiple branch support, Slack notifications, and more

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