Armory Scales Spinnaker for the Enterprise

Armory Enterprise extends open source Spinnaker, increasing stability and reliability and adding enterprise-grade features, including:

Armory Policy Engine

  • Set up and enforce pipeline security & compliance rules across your entire enterprise.
  • Key DevSecOps feature, enabling fine-grained access control and ensuring proper compliance and configuration throughout the deployment pipeline.

Armory Terraform Integration

  • Seamlessly integrate Spinnaker with Hashicorp Terraform.
  • Run Terraform plan / apply / destroy / output stages as part of your Spinnaker pipeline to fully align your infrastructure with your deployments.

Armory Pipelines as Code

  • Create and store Spinnaker pipelines (in JSON, HCL, or YAML) in a Git repository.
  • Enables a) version control, templates, and modularization in your pipelines, and b) sophisticated features such as conditional logic, multiple repo / multiple branch support, Slack notifications, and more.

Armory Secrets Management

  • Encrypt secrets used within your Spinnaker configuration files.
  • Utilize Hashicorp Vault or encrypted S3-compatible buckets as secrets stores.

Armory Certified Releases

  • Install, configure, deploy and upgrade your Spinnaker instance with ease, speed, and confidence.
  • Automatically validate the stability & security of new Spinnaker releases with a suite of dozens of continuously running integration and quality tests.

Also, available as an add-on for those running high-scale Kubernetes environments:

Note: Select features are in production with customers as early-release features.

Collaborate from Code to Cloud with Armory