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DevOps Insights:
Visibility into Your Deployments

No more black boxes in your SDLC.

The Problem

Getting software from a Jira ticket through to live production is a key responsibility of a DevOps team. And yet, this process is often a black box replete with bottlenecks.

Gaining visibility into the end-to-end release process is a challenge due to the large number of disparate systems across the software development lifecycle (SDLC). Without visibility, conducting root cause analysis and relieving the bottleneck is a herculean task.

The Solution

Armory DevOps Insights pulls in data from Spinnaker and from your development systems of record. It ties all of this data together and presents it in clear dashboards, providing you with the meaningful insights needed to take action.

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. Armory DevOps Insights gives you the data you need to optimize your delivery process, track and report KPIs, demonstrate ROI, and improve the safety, velocity, and quality of your software deployments.

With Armory DevOps Insights, you can track:

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